Want to turn your legs into noisy, reflective, quasi-space* limbs? Then you need these super shiny leggings, or rather leg-coverings, which are very simple to make and are shiny like none other.

This goes along perfectly with a robot costume, and was made in collaboration with this robot.

Credit to fungus amungus for the original idea. He claims to have created full-on shiny pants, a more difficult version of these leg coverings. I first attempted to make pants, but the upper part of the pants is very difficult without a pre-made pants stencil and these space pants tend to get very warm. So I opted to just make the legs, which are versatile enough by themselves plus much easier to make and cooler (in both senses!).

*Note: they only look like they belong in space. Don't actually use them in space.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

An emergency blanket. It's pretty standard as part of a first aid kit (though you'll want to replace it if you take it from one). It should be extremely shiny silver. It comes in a very small package but unfolds into a pretty expansive thin blanket.

Packing tape.

Blue tape or other not-so-sticky tape for temporarily taping down the blanket.

Tape measure or equivalent measuring device.

Your leg. To use as a reference.


Sharpie or equivalent writing utensil.
Quite nice! I think I'll make some...
Hmmm. And all it took me to make my &quot;space suit&quot; was an old pair of jeans, a long-sleeved pull-over shirt, a cheap rain hood and a couple of (more like ten) cans of cheap aluminized (&quot;chrome&quot;) paint. Ya just keep spraying till the weave fills up and, voila! Instant silver garb.<br/><br/>Trouble with that method is, you get a wee bit woozy after the first three or four cans, and after everything dries the end result is a bit, eh, &quot;stiff.&quot; The suit &quot;looked&quot; cool enough, but it wore like $#<sup></sup>@ :-)<br/><br/>
you should have made metallic chaps or something, thats what space cowboys wear when they ride in outer space..

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