Picture of Super Shiny Space Leggings
Want to turn your legs into noisy, reflective, quasi-space* limbs? Then you need these super shiny leggings, or rather leg-coverings, which are very simple to make and are shiny like none other.

This goes along perfectly with a robot costume, and was made in collaboration with this robot.

Credit to fungus amungus for the original idea. He claims to have created full-on shiny pants, a more difficult version of these leg coverings. I first attempted to make pants, but the upper part of the pants is very difficult without a pre-made pants stencil and these space pants tend to get very warm. So I opted to just make the legs, which are versatile enough by themselves plus much easier to make and cooler (in both senses!).

*Note: they only look like they belong in space. Don't actually use them in space.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need:

An emergency blanket. It's pretty standard as part of a first aid kit (though you'll want to replace it if you take it from one). It should be extremely shiny silver. It comes in a very small package but unfolds into a pretty expansive thin blanket.

Packing tape.

Blue tape or other not-so-sticky tape for temporarily taping down the blanket.

Tape measure or equivalent measuring device.

Your leg. To use as a reference.


Sharpie or equivalent writing utensil.
puffyfluff7 years ago
Quite nice! I think I'll make some...
Transquesta7 years ago
Hmmm. And all it took me to make my "space suit" was an old pair of jeans, a long-sleeved pull-over shirt, a cheap rain hood and a couple of (more like ten) cans of cheap aluminized ("chrome") paint. Ya just keep spraying till the weave fills up and, voila! Instant silver garb.

Trouble with that method is, you get a wee bit woozy after the first three or four cans, and after everything dries the end result is a bit, eh, "stiff." The suit "looked" cool enough, but it wore like $#@ :-)

you should have made metallic chaps or something, thats what space cowboys wear when they ride in outer space..