Introduction: Super Simple Adjustable LED Driver or Laser Driver

Make your own driver for your led or laser diode,schematic is super simple just 2 components LM317 voltage regulator and adjustable trim pot 50 ohms.
The LM317 will be the current regulator,with trimm pot we gona set the desire current.

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AsdOmega made it! (author)2016-10-19

Thx for that simple circuit

Outerlimit (author)2014-09-08

Great light !

miicchhii (author)2014-08-14

You can find the curcuit plan and dimensioning of a similiar driver here:

joran79 (author)2013-06-07

I would sit the LED so it uses the reflector. This way it will only create a small lightbeam. Anywas a nice idea. Will use it for some projects. Thumbs up and in my favorites

macobt (author)joran792013-06-07

Thanks joran79

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