Step 3: How does the Circuit work :

Picture of How does the Circuit work :
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When the door of the wardrobe is closed, the door presses against the SPDT Switch. The SPDT Switch causes the circuit to be open, hence no current flows and the LED Light is tuned off.

When the wardrobe door is opened, the SPDT Switch is released, as a result the circuit is closed. Since now the circuit is closed, current flows to the LED Light and it is turned on.

The given diagrams will help in visualizing the explaination. 

tchoudhary4 years ago
hey may i know wat work is this LM315 doing out here..???
The LM317 is used to regulate the amount of current going to the High Power LED. Without the above circuit, if the High Power LED is directly connected to the battery, it will burn out very soon.