Picture of Super Simple Beginners Robot!

Here is an offsite link to the video while YouTube is processing the embedded version...

I created this Instructable for the absolute n00by robot wannabe. I have noticed a huge jump in the number of beginners getting into the hobby and the number of "how do I" questions seem to be mounting. Maybe this humble little Instructable will help one or two create their first robot. You will find basic source code at the end of this Instructable.

Don't panic at the number of steps... I broke the robot down into many tiny little steps for ease of following.

This little robot is nothing more than a simple plywood platform that carries a couple of modified model airplane servos as the main drive system, a microcontroller and a IR sensor. I designed in plenty of room to expand and add on. You should be able to build it in about 3 hours if you have the parts on hand.

The microcontroller I chose is the OOPic R. I picked this micro because the dozens of built in objects and sample codes make it easy for the beginner to get up and running quickly. They can be found from any of the major robot parts suppliers for usually less than 60 bucks. Get the starter kit as it has a programming cable and battery clip included.
You can use any microcontroller as long as you can plug a servo directly into it (that shortens the list, lol).

The servos listed are all Hitec HS-311 model airplane servos found at nearly any hobby shop for less than 10 bucks in some cases.

The IR sensor is a Sharp GP2D12 Analog unit available from Digikey ( Any of the GP2D12XXX analog series will do the job.

The Tailwheel is a simple Dubro .20-.40 model airplane 1" wheel with mount. Pick one up at the hobby shop where you get your servos.

The wood base is a scrap piece of 1/4 inch birch plywood and the servo / sensor mount is a scrap piece of just about anything wooden. I used a piece of fir.

I made the billet aluminum wheels myself but you can use any wheel designed for servo attachment.

The rest of the robot consists of a few screws and some electrical standoffs.

Without the SPECAIL add on at the end it cost me about $95.00 USD. The special step adds about 50 bucks.

Be nice as it is my first Instructable.
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BIGBUG (author) made it!6 months ago


Twizler123 months ago
Hi , i am from india and i want to know where can i get the parts of robbot because i can't afford t buy anything from abroad
Same problem here too,bro..
its not about the affordability, they wont just ship you some common parts!! :(
And its very hard to find 'em in India! :(

Same here dude, if something is very hard to find in India then its nearly impossible to find it in Bihar ( kya yaar )

Same here dude, if something is very hard to find in India then its nearly impossible to find it in Bihar ( kya yaar )
ramyabar4 months ago

Hi can i get the programming part of this robot its awesome please please reply to my mail
ramyabar4 months ago

Hi can i get the programming part of this robot its awesome please please reply to my mail
BIGBUG (author) 1 year ago

I am working on an updated version even as I type this... please fav me so you can see it pop up in a few days.

Thanks again. Oh, and thank you special, Nicole.
ramyabar BIGBUG4 months ago
Hi can i get the programming part of this robot its awesome please please reply to my mail
ramyabar BIGBUG4 months ago
Hi can i get the programming part of this robot its awesome please please reply to my mail
kronnicbot1 year ago
Good day, I am stephen k. Paul, I live in Nigeria. Am so much interested in robotics, but unfortunately for me, I can't lay my hands on some components. So pls if you guys can help me get some robot stuffs, I will be glad. If u accept my request pls reply me and then I will give you full details of myself. Alot of people needs these robots but only few builders are available who cannot lay their hands on components.pls I need your help to help others. Thanks.

cool i too am a nigerian tho i live in the caribbean.bless the lord.i have an old computer power source but i dont no what to do with it. ask random people for old find many awesome things with those.

Very interesting, really got me into robotics!

can you say which software should i use to write the program ?

Trapper511 year ago

i just made an account to favorite it..

cant wait till u get updated version :D

Robot_N00B1 year ago
Where do u get the parts?can u give us a website?And about how much does it cost?
BIGBUG (author)  Robot_N00B1 year ago
News version coming soon....
Hanan20022 years ago
Where should I paste these source codes?
BIGBUG (author)  Hanan20021 year ago
Unless you accidentally have an oopic and IDE for it, the source code is not longer usable. Arduino version coming soon...
did you model it after a boe bot? thats awsome
BIGBUG (author)  TheParacorder1 year ago
LOL The first rendition of the SSBR was waaaay before the Boe...
Geekaton2 years ago
Is this a wall avoiding robot??
BIGBUG (author)  Geekaton1 year ago
Obstacle, in general.
anhaarajaz2 years ago
Please give me a link to bye all these parts
BIGBUG (author)  anhaarajaz1 year ago
I am redoing this 'ible with updated parts... coming soon.
Sassah1222 years ago
BIGBUG (author)  Sassah1221 year ago
Thank you!
anurag rock2 years ago
nice robot real...
BIGBUG (author)  anurag rock1 year ago
Thank you!
jleslie482 years ago
is this how to "modify the servo"
vicky6664 years ago
what is a Dubro .20-.40 RC Airplane Tailwheel assmbly because it is the only thing i haven't got!THNX!
BIGBUG (author)  vicky6664 years ago

You will find it in the pictures and in the assembly instructions. If you need to buy one try this link for the bracket --> and this link for the wheel --> . Both are usually available in any good local hobby store.

Don't forget, you can use any microcontroller that you have to control this robot. Let me know if you need help when it gets to that point.

I always enjoy a new rating... (hint) lol 

tmj61 BIGBUG4 years ago

you say we can use any microcontroller we want? Will your code work with an arduino?
BIGBUG (author)  tmj614 years ago
Sure, although not sure why you would wanna use one... but hey that is just me.

Check this out -->
bigjeff5 BIGBUG2 years ago
Oopic seems to be a lot more expensive than the arduino, and pretty much dead as far as commercial support/development goes.

These days you can build a functioning USB based Arduino for under $5 (~2.50 if you do without the USB to UART).  See for more info.  If you can do this project then you can probably build the Shrimp too pretty easily.
ajapope BIGBUG2 years ago
i need your help ASAP
ajapope2 years ago


thanks :)
rsmaudsley3 years ago
The referenced website above it just a web development company. Nowhere to order robotic parts.

I like this project and I've been wanting to get in to robotics and Arduino.
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