Picture of Super Simple Book Binding
How to bind a book....quite simply
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Step 1:

Picture of
Get your materials together
You will need
~the papers you are intending to bind
~cardboard or other book cover material cut ti size of pages (perhaps even a bit larger)
~Glue (liquid elmers is best)
~ Scissors

Step 2:

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Make sure paper is even and perfectly arranged before applying glue to side facing the binding

Step 3:

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Cut cardboard so binding creases are to size (they fit the amount of paper)

Step 4:

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glue in the paper- press hard for a few minutes

Step 5: Finished result

Picture of finished result
The finished result should be clean and neat, and more importantly, should stay in tact
Darcy7772 years ago
This is a great project. I plan on helping my niece to make a book using this method.
PS. I think I'll use some colored duct tape to strengthen the fold and she'll love adding her favorite color.
fridgeways3 years ago
Slow down and use a ruler and knife perhaps? This will give it crisp edges, also thin plywood or fibre-board would be better than cardboard.