Picture of Super Simple Cardboard Table
This is a really easy project and you may already have the materials lying around the house.

The table is lightweight, fairly study, and useful for putting things on.

And when you don't need it anymore, you can recycle it!
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Step 1:

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Things you need:

1 box, the right size to be the top of the table. I'm using a flat box that I think was originally part of the packaging for a laptop computer.

4 mailing tubes. The length of the tubes will be the height of the table. (The diameter doesn't matter too much.)

Some sticky-backed plastic, and/or anything else you want to decorate your table with. Plastic is good because it will prevent the table top from disintegrating if you spill a drink on it. You may like to put clear plastic over a collage or a painted picture, in which case you will need materials for that.

You will also need glue, tape, a pen or pencil, and a utility knife.

Step 2:

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First, decide which side of the box is going to be the top.

Turn the box upside down.

Stand one of the mailing tubes on the box. Position it near the corner, and try to make it equal distances away from the two sides of the box. (A ruler may be useful here.)

Trace around the bottom of the tube.

Repeat for the other four legs. You should now have four circles drawn on the bottom of your box.

Step 3:

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Carefully cut out the four circles. (Cut through the bottom of the box only.)

Make sure your cuts are inside the line. You want the legs to fit tightly into the table top. Don't worry about making the hole too small - the edges of the cardboard will bend when you stick the legs in.

Open the box and remove the cardboard circles you cut out if they fell inside. Set them aside, and close the box.

Push the four tubes into the holes. Turn the table upright.

You can start using your table now if you want, but it will be sturdier once you glue the legs in.
awesome... nice job there. it really simple and easy to make
mehyay5 years ago
nice design. i am just wondering,
how much weight can it hold?
If you used the tubes from plotter paper, it would hold just about anything, but generally the ones I've used at work are 36" long. You would have to shorten them for a table like this, but the one by wholman uses angles and may use them full length. They might come in shorter lengths but I've only seen the 36"
Thursday (author)  mehyay5 years ago
Vertical tubes are pretty strong.

I've put my netbook on this table several times. I would be confident putting 2 netbooks on it, or a large stack of books.

I would not put a television on it, but I think that's mostly because most televisions are wider than the table is.
Drill holes in the tubes every inch or so and put holes in the table top and then you can adjust the height of the table by taking out the bolt from every pole, lowering it, then putting the bolt back in :)
323maderas5 years ago
If you glue some 2 inch or 3 inch triangles against the legs and the bottom of the table it should strengthen it quite a bit
kemiim.team6 years ago
I want to get into making my own furnishings out of cardboard. This simple, straight forward project will help me launch my burgeoning, enterprising spirit. Thank you.
Gabey_Chow6 years ago
Hey! This is a really great idea! I don't need a table right now, but when i do, ill do this. =]