If you're like me, winter chill makes you crazy. Toes, fingers, and especially,  air down the neck.

This is something I came up with, then discovered it has a name, the infinity scarf. This home-made version is super simple and you can whip one up in just a coupla minutes.  I wear one all the time now that it's under-heating weather. It's really easy to make.

The name "infinity scarf" was someone's brainchild, so the concept is not unique. The simplicity and ease of production here to tell makes this what I feel is my signature contribution to civilization.  You're welcome.

It is basically the trunk part of a T-shirt cut to a desired width and wrapped around your neck to keep the draft out.

Step 1: Find a T-shirt You Don't Need

I like dark colors, but you can choose any. Red is good. Tie-dye is always awesome.

A pair of stout scissors. Lightweight scissors will make the job a little harder.
This is a great idea for those t-shirts that you get handed out during events; nobody ever wears them again.
I use to make 2 "scarves" out of a TShist: I cut 'em like you do, but separate the front from the back, each piece is sewed back to a cilinder, put the hem on it (and may be an elastic band in it)
This would be a great use for all those awesome colored shirts that <br>come home from the thrift shop (oops--don't fit)
This is quite lovely, very clear and concise. It's always nice to see the feline assistant providing anti-gravity relief and sharing extra fiber with the human. <br> <br>I'm sure you noted this, but your model does seem to suffering from quite the bad case of rasters. Extra vitamin C might help ...

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