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My wife claims everyone needs a "signature" food item, which she says is a dish that a person can make easily and is also something that person is often remembered for.

At age 87 (...and maybe the oldest living Instructables member still around?) I finally learned how to make something that is easy, gets compliments and I now get to claim as my "signature" dish.  

This is also my first Instructable.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!?!?

Step 1: What...only 2 Ingredients???

That's right!

At the grocery store, put a box of ice cream sandwiches and whipped topping in the shopping buggy.

Once home, find a small serving dish, a large spoon and a sharp knife.  

(If you want to turn this into more than a 2-ingredient cake, then grab some sprinkles to use as decoration.)

Step 2: Layer the Ice Cream Sandwiches...

While the ice cream sandwiches are still wrapped, figure out how many it will take to cover the bottom of the dish.  If the sandwiches don't cover the entire pan, use a knife to trim an ice cream sandwich so gaps in the pan can be covered.

Unwrap the ice cream sandwiches and layer the bottom of the serving dish with them.   (Don't worry how messy it looks.)

Next spread whipped topping on top of that layer of ice cream sandwiches.

Then, place a second layer of (unwrapped) ice cream sandwiches on top of the whipped topping. Repeat by spreading a second layer of whipped topping.

If you want to make the cake look pretty, add some sprinkles on top of the last layer of whipped topping.

Place this dish in the freezer and let it get firm.

Step 3: Cut and Enjoy!

In an hour or so the cake will be solid enough to be cut.

This simple ice cream cake takes very little time and if an 87 year old man can make it, so can you.  

My wife gave me the best compliment by licking her plate clean (and isn't going to like me for sharing this photo of her).  It's is VERY short, eat dessert first!

PS  I would love to have bragging rights and to wear an Instructables T-Shirt to the next Senior Citizen Center event.   Thank you in advance if you should vote for me (or the picture of my bride of 63 years).



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    I wish I had seen this last year. I would have voted for them. What an adorable couple! I hope he won.

    Yum! I know what's for dinner

    Yummy, my kids are going to love this. Anchorage has been unseasonably hot this summer and there isn't AC so we have been going through lots of ice cream and needed a new, wonderful, simple idea. Thanks--congrats on so many wonderful years together!

    Thanks to you I have a new recipe to add to my summer barbeques....what's not to like?

    I used to make this for my children's birthday parties.

    Not only was it their favorite, but it also meant I didn't have to worry about serving icecream (in addition to cake).

    Nice write-up!


    It was really good and instead of sprinkles I used crushed oreos. Next time I'm gonna try something like crushed heath bars.

    Awwww! Your love story seems even sweeter than your dessert. You got my vote! (I suggest you name your next cool treat after your bride, a "Lizard Blizzard"!)

    That's a mighty big cake for you two people. I'm voting for you because you married a fine-looking woman -- and apparently she married someone with good taste!

    You look like a lucky guy! Take care of your blushing bride!