Super Simple Ipod Battery Charger (Altoids Tin)





Introduction: Super Simple Ipod Battery Charger (Altoids Tin)

Super Basic 5v regulator circuit

Step 1: Get the Goods

You will need:
1. A 9v or greater battery
2. A 9v battery clip
3. A lm7805 or lp2954 5v regulator (Sampled from Maxim-Dallas)
4. A female Usb port (also sampled but from

Step 2: The Circuit

This is the most complex circuit you will ever see in your life.

Step 3: Test!

My camer caouldnt capture this but if you did this right the little charging or charged icon should appear in your upper right hand corner of the screen.



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    THIS WON'T WORK you need to put around 2volts threw both data pins

    I made a charger with AA rechargeable batteries and it works for a little while, but then the Ipod says its done charging when its not yet full. I'm thinkin maybe cause the AA's are not enough power. I say that cause regular AA's are 1.5 V but these rechargeables are 1.2Vs, ( I just remembered the difference). Any ideas as to why the Ipod stops charging after that little bit?

    Can i use the LM75A Regulator instead of the LM 7805? if not, can someone please post a link where i can get a sample LM7805. ty

    If i am not wrong its the same thing

    i pulled one from an hp scanner

    I don't know exactly why it does it, but I would guess it may have something to do with the current, not the voltage. I tried charging my 1st gen iPod Touch (w00t) on a mintyboost and it didi the same thing.

    Yeah, what should I do if the charger icon doesn't appear on my ipod, but the charger is clearly on?

    it wont work on iPods, their cables have something special about them

    Its not the cable its the USB

    Yeah i know that now. All the storebrand chargers have resistors in them to tell the ipod to start charging.