Introduction: Super Simple Ipod Battery Charger (Altoids Tin)

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Super Basic 5v regulator circuit

Step 1: Get the Goods

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You will need:
1. A 9v or greater battery
2. A 9v battery clip
3. A lm7805 or lp2954 5v regulator (Sampled from Maxim-Dallas)
4. A female Usb port (also sampled but from

Step 2: The Circuit

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This is the most complex circuit you will ever see in your life.

Step 3: Test!

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My camer caouldnt capture this but if you did this right the little charging or charged icon should appear in your upper right hand corner of the screen.


joshr123 (author)2013-08-24

THIS WON'T WORK you need to put around 2volts threw both data pins

inthesand (author)2009-02-19

I made a charger with AA rechargeable batteries and it works for a little while, but then the Ipod says its done charging when its not yet full. I'm thinkin maybe cause the AA's are not enough power. I say that cause regular AA's are 1.5 V but these rechargeables are 1.2Vs, ( I just remembered the difference). Any ideas as to why the Ipod stops charging after that little bit?

mr.break_it (author)inthesand2009-03-31

Can i use the LM75A Regulator instead of the LM 7805? if not, can someone please post a link where i can get a sample LM7805. ty

chua_erei (author)mr.break_it2011-09-05

If i am not wrong its the same thing

zack247 (author)mr.break_it2010-02-06

i pulled one from an hp scanner

I don't know exactly why it does it, but I would guess it may have something to do with the current, not the voltage. I tried charging my 1st gen iPod Touch (w00t) on a mintyboost and it didi the same thing.

zodthekonquerer (author)2009-05-05

Yeah, what should I do if the charger icon doesn't appear on my ipod, but the charger is clearly on?

zack247 (author)zodthekonquerer2010-03-09

it wont work on iPods, their cables have something special about them

chua_erei (author)zack2472011-09-05

Its not the cable its the USB

zodthekonquerer (author)zack2472010-03-11

Yeah i know that now. All the storebrand chargers have resistors in them to tell the ipod to start charging.

max1zzz (author)zodthekonquerer2010-04-28

just connect d+ to d- (pin2 to pin3) and newer ipods will think it is a charger

tobyscool (author)max1zzz2010-12-10

you sure that it will work because im gonna buy the material :D

it doesn't work with new ipod models.
go to this website for the one that works with new ipod models and iphones

Artificial Intelligence (author)2008-03-20

I don't think, it's good idea to use a 9V battery, cause they only have a capacity of approx. 250mAh, so in my calculation, the battery will only last under an hour.

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dudemanclc (author)joinaqd2011-02-28

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Yes. I think you're right.

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stallsworth (author)2008-02-01

why dose it heat up so much

dudemanclc (author)stallsworth2011-02-28

because it feels like it

geeklord (author)stallsworth2008-11-20

Alot of digital things you take apart have 5v regulators in them(I found one in a dish receiver) and some of them have little screw on or awesome clip on heat sinks.

joinaqd (author)geeklord2009-01-14

i found one in a temperature thermometer for measuring the room temperature (I bought it for 1 dollar)

zack247 (author)joinaqd2010-03-09

if you live in canada, i bet i know where you got it.

the common issue with linear regulators is the heat, it is commonly used to supply necessary voltage for PC components who needs very little current (<=100ma). Heat indicates severe efficiency loss, sure its simple but those 9Vs will cost alot more on the long run.

input voltage = 9, output voltage = 5, say your drawing 500ma, a full load for any USB port, then your looking at (9-5)x0.5 = 2 watts of heat. the LM7805 by itself will cook itself to ~120C before internals shutdown

without a heatsink you will start to smell the solder smoke pretty fast.
Last time I tried something like this I thermally epoxied the LM7805 to a 3 watt capable heatsink, tied the input pin to a 12V source, the output pin to a 5V 40mm fan mounted to the heatsink and made myself a little space heater _

if the heat gets to you, an alternative option would be a zener diode of some sort...something like 1N4732A with ~193mA sustained current. Zeners diodes are cheap you could place several in parallel to share the overflow current once whatever your charging are up to ~5volts.... I'm sure theres an instructable for that here somewhere

tyeo098 (author)stallsworth2008-02-01

Because thats how the 7805 gets rid of the excess heat.

markee2 (author)2010-11-07

The schematic is very simple. i have also another version of simple
iPod charger using transistor 


toogers (author)2010-06-26

the battery would last longer when idling if you put a switch to cut all power to the regulator, electrons still flow through when not charging.

lorddavis6 (author)2010-05-04

you need voltage regulator ( L78M05CV )

LiporXT (author)2009-05-01

also I have constructed a 9v portable usb charger, beautiful project I compliment

zack247 (author)LiporXT2010-03-09

now that, is smooth. it looks just like a regular 9v battery clip. ingenious. brilliant. smart

Bartboy (author)LiporXT2009-05-11


willymakesstuff (author)2009-05-16

does not work cant someone post one that really WORKS

tyeo098 (author)willymakesstuff2009-05-16

It works if youre not a 3rd garder, cmon people this is the simpliest circuitry. If you read the comments, it DOES NOT work for IPT and iPhone, because they require a signal on D+-, thats how they get you to buy apple accessories.

snelpiller (author)tyeo0982009-12-16   I did this one, same thing just added 2 wires and resistors, works like a charm!

Dgunz56 (author)tyeo0982009-06-30

sooo this doesnt work for ipt? and if not how do u make it work? bigger battery?

willymakesstuff (author)tyeo0982009-05-16

ooooooo sorry i was using this for itouch and iphone

it works i just made it today

Pyromaster951 (author)2009-08-30

I think you can charge an iPhone/ itouch if you bridge the data lines with a 10k resistor

Zem (author)2009-08-10

So, (Correct me if I'm wrong.) it looks like the negative from the battery, the ground pin, and pin #4 from the USB all connect, correct?

555mst555 (author)2009-06-18

does it matter which way LM7805 faces??......coz the only thing i know is that the middle pin is ground....then the 2 pins are my problem....which side is in or out? pls help:( p.s....i tried connecting up everything by hand(holding the wires together) and i noticed the heatsink on the LM7805 became VERY that usual?....i used a new 9v batery

omnibot (author)555mst5552009-07-22

Rule of thumb is that any text on the component should be facing you and not be upside down.

555mst555 (author)omnibot2009-07-23

ok thx :)

joearkay (author)2009-06-30

i swear ipods dont work with regular ipod chargers like urs. dont they need to detect resistance bectween poins 2 and 3 to work?

ttrat (author)2009-05-30

What I don't understand is, the battery for the ipod can't be a larger supply than the 9 volt, so why the quick drainage?

crazyhalofreak (author)2009-04-21

could you just use batteries that add up to 5v, or is the 5v regulator needed for the ipod to accept the charge?

mr.break_it (author)2009-04-01

This will Drain the Battery VERY QUICKLY, in a matter of 20 MIN

Morte_Moya (author)2007-07-26

I like it. Here is the one I did a few months ago.

tyeo098 (author)Morte_Moya2007-07-27

ooooo fancy

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