Really simple. Only 7 pieces. Try simpler.

It handles my sniper, which has a decent amount of power. If you shoot it at the right angle, the plate flies off. Think of it as a "headshot."

Also, by "Handle", it means pieces don't break off of it.

Step 1: Do You Really Need My Help?

Forgot to rotate the picture, made the instructable in about 139 seconds (including pictures). Go build it. Make sure the rods make an X.

Step 2: Shoot.

Go ahead.
pretty cool!<br /> <br /> id use this outside<br />
&nbsp;You really think so?
lol, this was supposed to be a joke.<br />
You claim it to be a joke, but in reality, you have come to an understanding after posting this, that you had earlier thought it to be truly ingenious, so instead you just laugh along to make yourself seem the wiser. SIMPLIFIED = YOU FAIL AT JOKES
no i just didn't wanna be mean<br />
I need help building this!
&nbsp;Pointless. We have too many of these.
Lame.&nbsp; Been done a million times before.

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