Super Simple Lego Technic RC Quadcopter Frame





Introduction: Super Simple Lego Technic RC Quadcopter Frame

Hi, I share the simple instructions to create a frame for quadcopters, using the famous Lego technic.
The photo shows my setup:

  • brushed motors 8mm.
  • propellers 60mm.
  • Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control Board.

But you can install whatever you want.

P.S. The gray brick on the front side, is used to mount the camera "FPV".

Step 1: The Lego Frame

  • black axles lenght 4 (lego dimensions)
  • gray axles lenght 7

Assemble the frame as shown.

To complete the frame, in addition to the lego shown in the pictures, we need a heatshrink of suitable diameter, (in my case diameter 13mm), and a doublesided tape.

Step 2: Motor Mount

  • Cut 1 pieces of heatshrink (lenght 15mm).
  • Cut 1 pieces of doublesided tape (15x5mm).
  • Applying double-sided adhesive on the lego part, and attach the engine, as shown in the picture.
  • Finally block with heatshrink.

repeat for the remaining motors.

Step 3: Final Assembling

Assemble the four motor-mounts as shown, and after all the electronics.

That's all.
(Sorry for my bad English)

enjoy it.




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    Could you add some links for the lego parts?

    How durable is that frame? have you crashed tested it???

    cool cant wait to try it

    Thank you!!
    The instructions are only for the realization of the frame, and not for the drone complete. In my case I used the electronics described in my reply, this Flight Controller has a receiver DSM2 / DSMX compatibile on board. Then I use a radio spektrum. However you can use any mini-quadcopter electronics (like Hubsan X4)


    Plz! Make a instructable on how to make the FPV camera you showed.
    And nice project! :)


    ...sorry but I have little free time for my hobbies, I hope to do the instructions soon.

    I found a DIY page on how to make the same one as you used, but thanks

    simple, direct efficace, félicitations.

    Quel poids?