Picture of Super Simple Rubberband Guns
Here are some really easy rubber band guns that can be made in under 5 minutes. First trace out your gun on a piece of wood that is 1/2 inches thick. Then cut it out on a scroll saw. Remember to cut a V into the tip for the rubberband to hook around and a trigger for ou to rest your finger on. Now hook a rubberband over the tip and hold it down at the back of the gun with your thumb. when you want to shoot just realease your thumb.NOTE: I USED SMALL RUBBERBANDS FOR THIS. NORMAL ONES WILL WORK BUT THEY WILL NOT SHOOT AS HARD OR AS FAR.
bylerfamily6 years ago
I made 2 tommys and they are awesome.
Hey if you make another straight mag tommy you can cut the mag off and figure out a way to mount it on the side you have another world war 2 gun.(a b.a.r.)
imkwl123457 years ago
i made about 3 automatic rubber band guns that are capable of shooting about 10 rubber bands per second and they arent the small rubber bands either. ouch
I made an automatic that is capable of 16 bands a second.(timed it).They are the small bands though.
is there an ible on it? cuz if not, please make one!
PKTraceur6 years ago
Nice! Is there a reliable and easy way to add a trigger?
clothespins aren't very reliably.  Just cut a flat edge near the end of the barrel you can keep the rubber band on, to fire just push the rubber band up the edge.

Here is the "trigger" part of the gun

                                          |   <-- rubber band is there
Sorry that didn't come out right.
I am a bit late but yes. you glue a closepin to the back and use that as a trigger.
ShaJen6 years ago
You can find more of these here: http://www.scrollicious.blogspot.com
shrek1506 years ago
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Clayton H.7 years ago
I remember back when I was about 5, me and my family would go to this little town called geneva on the lake in Ohio, then me and my brother would always try and win the little rubberband guns. It was fun.