Super Simple Sugar Necklace





Introduction: Super Simple Sugar Necklace

I'm not entirely sure where this project came from. Probably a combination of the following: 1. All the beautiful projects here on instructables that called for tools and/or materials I did not have(this was a big problem only becaus I have some sort of bizzare mental issue that makes I impossible for me to simply go 'buy' the stuff)  2. Caramel is beautiful, glass-like, easy to mold, and color-able! 3. I recently discovered that I actually own string.  This project is super simple(like it literally takes 7 minutes all together), and super pretty. You have absolutely no excuses not to do it. No. No. Stop denying it. You must. Must.
(unless you don't want to.)

Step 1: The Materials.

1 key ring  
1 paper clip
String- as much as you want your necklace to be(you could also use a chain or whatever else you want)
Sugar- more than will fill your key ring, at least 1 or 2 tbsp
Food coloring (optional)
A small pot

Step 2: Prepare the Ring!

Grab your key ring and paper clip

Undo the paper clip, and, if you are able to, cut it in half 

Put it through the key ring and twist it at the top, leaving plenty of space between the ring and the twist 

Violà! Your ring is ready!

(sorry, no pics!) :(

Step 3: The Caramel...

Put the sugar in the pot, put the pot on the stove...

Before you turn up the tempurature, add the food coloring(if using, you don't really need to the amber color of the caramel is beautiful itself)

NOW turn up the temp., to around medium-low, and give that little pot all your attention until you have a clear, smooth liquid,

then  quickly quickly pour it into the pepared ring.

Step 4: Complete!

Once it is completely cooled take it off the foil, and either paint it with glue, or just pour the glue over it. 

Then put the string through the hole in the paper clip, tie it securely and hang it somewhere (I used a doorknob) to dry. 

 Et Violà, again. You have a beautiful pendant!



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Thanks. I'm short on cash but this will be a great bday present for my sister. I'm going to put a picture in mine though :)

Huh, didn't even think of putting a picture in it! Awesome idea.

sounds simple. if only you could eat it while you wore it!

That's sort of the flaw... its really hard not to take an occasional lick when you have caramel hanging around your neck...

Suggestion though.
2 holes. String goes in one & out the other & lays flat. ;)
Pirates used to do it to keep a coin around their neck separate from their purse.

Thanks for the suggestion! That's an awsome idea! Although I was sort of trying to keep it as ridiculously simple as possible, this would be great if you care enough! :D

Haha... Yeah, same here! Annoying, and yet so gratifying(i.e.: walking through overpriced hardware stores and gloating over how much money you saved! ) =P

My dad is a farmer so we have tools out the wazoo and wood and PVC an this and that. My dad is. Also a restraunt owner and a horticulturalist

Busy busy busy

"this was a big problem only becaus I have some sort of bizzare mental issue that makes I impossible for me to simply go 'buy' the stuff"

I have that too!!!

And lack of money

(only 13)

Btw previous comment was a reply to yours, Pfarmkid. :D