Step 4: Wax

Picture of Wax
This part can be a bit dangerous, so careful!

Take your wax and place it in a pot. Set the stove on Medium and slowly melt it.

I used gel wax. We had a lot of it. This particular stuff melts at above water's boiling temp. Although it may no look hot, it's extremely hot. I learned the hard way, and have a burn to prove it :l

Little Stove: Doesn't take nearly as much wax

Big stove: takes a lot of wax, I mixed some gel wax and tea light candle wax
mbreukel3 years ago
a much safer way to melt candle wax is to boil water, and have another metal container(tin can) with the wax in it. this way might be a little slower, however it is a lot safer because the wax wont get that hot, because it can boil over if it reaches a certain temperature.