Super Simple Sweet and Savory Summer Salad




Introduction: Super Simple Sweet and Savory Summer Salad

Are you on your way to a picnic and realized you didn't prepare a dish to share?

Just got home from work and don't want to fire up the stove to cook dinner?

Fear not my fine feathered friend .. I gotcha covered.

**edit 6/4/2016** Added additional photos to the intro and step 2

Step 1: Ingredients

This recipe was not made with precise measurements, so I will do my best to guesstimate quantities.

drain any liquids from the ingredients or you will end up with summer soup.

Pasta - for this batch we used penne and tricolor fusilli (approx 1 pound) cooked al dente.

Chunk Chicken - 5 5 oz cans.

Mayo - some people like a little, some people like a lot. Be true to yourself.

Crushed Pineapple - the crushed pineapple works its way into every bite.

Dried Cranberries - a heaping handful (about a cup) or two

Green Olives - a little more than the cranberries

This is not a hard and fast recipe ... it is a compilation of flavors and textures.

If you want to make changes .. go for it:

Not fond of chunked chicken? Use tuna instead.

Do you want bigger bursts of sweet? You can go for chunk pineapple instead of crushed.

Don't like the firmness of dried cranberries? Soak them ahead of time so they plump up.

Not fond of green olives? Toss in some pitted Kalmata olives.

Live how you wanna live :)

Step 2: Combine and Serve

stir it all up and plate it out with a side of potato chips to add a bit of salty to the dish.



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