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In this instructable, i will show you how to make a fun little shocker thing that will assure you have a fun time when your bored and have a friend watching t.v.
Anyway time for disclaimer if you harm yourself or others with this (i.e. shock someone with a pacemaker or shock a pet bug or something) then do not come crying to me because if i bought a gun and accidentally shot someone i would not go and blame the person i bought it from. by making this you are accepting the fact that mistakes happen and that you may not in any way blame me for them. ok boring disclaimer aside, lets get to work.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need
1. A utility lighter
2. Wire
3. Duct tape
4. Electrical tape
5. Scissors
6. Empty scotch tape rolls x2

Optional:this is optional but it makes this proect a WHOLE LOT EASIER:
a good multi tool
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ok I love it but my parents wont let me use a freshly bought one can I use an old one that has been used

freeza363 years ago
My friend made a disposable camera shocker, but i could never get a camera. This is a simpler way to do it. Nice instructable. Is using it simple? i am HORRIBLE with electronics. Thanks
overfrozen3 years ago
does this make a spark jump between the wires?
taylor1796 years ago
i just made it but im to scared to try it
try it man its not that painful

these things don't hurt. if you really want to shock someone, get a disposible camera and follow one of the many instructables out there on making it into a tazer.
I made one with a disposable camera. IT HURTS!
yeah i know! i have tazed myself on the tongue with this.
my friend shocked his wang due to a bet.
Protokhan124 years ago
can i use two piezo kinetic generator?
levand144 years ago
i made mine, but i don't get much of a zap, it just feels like i'm getting poked with a fine point pen. i ckecked and i can't find any shorts in my wires. help?
Correct label is piezo-electric, not piezo-kinetic. Maybe you should change the title. There are a lot of people who will go nuts when they find you saying that this is a taser.
dingu66664 years ago
just put on some tape on your finger and tape the wire to your finger . now touch your friend and press the button (OUCH!)
xGUMBYx4 years ago
so my question is.. is there any specific wire size or resistance that i need or would any wire work? ?
rostislav84 years ago
does the battery ever die
PyroManiac96 (author)  rostislav84 years ago
There is no "battery" in this contraption; however, excellent question. It's a piezo-kinetic generator, which uses a spring-loaded hammer to strike a piece of quartz, which happens to have the property of creating electricity when struck or put under pressure. So, while there is no battery to "die," there is the mechanical wear which will result from normal use of the piezo-kinetic generator, thus it will eventually stop working. I haven't had that happen to any of mine yet, although your mileage may vary.
can you make a tazer by puting wires at the ends of a baterie????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
hwang6305 years ago
it worker for me thanks
PyroManiac96 (author)  hwang6305 years ago
You're welcome.
9874563215 years ago
ill try it, im pretty newbish, how would i go about charging it?
PyroManiac96 (author)  9874563215 years ago
If you try it, make sure you are careful when opening the case. discharge the capacitor with a screwdriver, although with larger capacitors this may cause it to explode- use a resistor for very large ones. To charge it, you would press the button (or connect the contacts) that would charge the flash (and really charge the capacitor). Touch the leads of the capacitor to the points that you cut off, and please mark polarity (mark which lead goes to which point, it won't work the other way around).
9874563215 years ago
i have the same keyboard :) nice 'ible my friends never knew what hit them...or shocked them
PyroManiac96 (author)  9874563215 years ago
Thanks. If you really want someone PO'd, get a large capacity capacitor (mine's about 450 volts, got it from a disposable camera circuit). Tape it to the end of a wooden or plastic broomstick, charge it (you can wire up the camera circuit to make a small charging circuit), and touch someone from across the room (or from a doorway). Might leave welts, and does hurt the first time you get shocked.
draghi5 years ago
nice little zap could be used as a bug zapper also if the wires are close enough it creates a nice blue spark about 1 CM or 0.393700787 inches for imperial measurement users.

Javi935 years ago
Just one more question and I wont bother you no more: Do u know how much voltage this thing provides when it shocks?

PD: I finished it and it works thx a lot ;-)
PyroManiac96 (author)  Javi935 years ago
Your welcome. Hope you don't get whopped in the face for using it to much (words of advice...)
haha I tested it on myself and it doesnt hurt actually its funyy so i dont think ill get whopped in my face xD thx a lot
Javi935 years ago
I have a question: Does every utility lighter have that thing that creates the shock? thx
PyroManiac96 (author)  Javi935 years ago
1. Most, if they are what i nicknamed the "longnose type," will have the required mechanism. If you can, try it out. If it clicks, then it has a piezoelectric ignitor and therefore will be usable for this project. If you can't try it out, simply look at the "ignitor button area." If it has a trigger or buttin, or it slides, then it most likely uses one of these. If it rolls or flicks, like a normal disposable lighter or zippo, then it uses flint and is not suitable for this project.

2. I don;t see any problem with using legos, provided that they are of the plastic variety and not some kind of metal. The plastic in legos should provide adequate insulation from the electricity. If you want to be absolutely sure, build the shocker and then cover the entire mechanism in either hot glue or electrical tape, leaving the two wires needed for shocking.

Legos are actually a good idea, real discreet. I've made one from an opaque water bottle, and plan to make one in a tic tac box. Filled with tic tacs of course, if not for the stealth but for having fresh breath :P
thx for your help. Very good instructable I got tired that all tasers use a disposable camera. Today Im going to buy the things I need ;-)
Javi935 years ago
Another thing: Is there any problem with the shock if I use a housing made of legos?
its a joy buzzer
i think a joy buzzer vibrates, or produces a continuous mild electric shock. this is not continuous, and not very mild.
yeah, so? its joy for us.
good point lol
I know. lol.
*zap* hahaha lol
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