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This I'ble will show you 2 things: how to increase the size of your ice cream scoops (8-fold) and how to make a delicious fresh Frozen Mango Yogurt.

Step 1: A very simple recipe

Picture of A very simple recipe

* 800 g of fresh Mango (28 ounce)
* 1 large lemon
* 250 g of sugar (9 ounce)
* 4 dl Greek yogurt (0,42 quart)

Put the pieces of mango in a pan, add the lemon juice and the sugar.
Let the mixture boil gently for 5 minutes until the mango is really soft.
Take a blender and blend it to a homogeneous mixture.
Once it is cooled, mix the Greek yogurt and churn it in an ice cream machine
looks yummy.  What's greek yogurt?  BTW cute Smurf
bertus52x11 (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
It's a name over here for yogurt that has a slightly higher fat content: 10g / 100ml (ordinary yogurt is around 3g / 100ml).
The higher fat content comes from the way it's made (but if you want the exact details I have to look it up).
Ah hahhhh thanks for the ifo :0)
seabananers5 years ago
whats with the smurf
bertus52x11 (author)  seabananers5 years ago
 If you look at the pictures, you'll see one "normal" ice ball and another large one. The smurf is a scale reference.
zascecs5 years ago
Wow, I just love this Instructable!!!

Not only the mango part, but now I can finally scoop ice cream!!!  (I could, but not well) =)
bertus52x11 (author)  zascecs5 years ago
It's all about practice. The more you eat, the better your scoop! ;-)
 Haha, true. I don't want to get fat, though...
zascecs zascecs5 years ago