Introduction: Super Slow Paper Glider

Picture of Super Slow Paper Glider
The heavy duty super slow glider ;-)

Yes, this thing could fly!

- easy to build
- easy to fly (throw it very soft!)
- easy to adjust
- ideal for large indoor areas

- not so good for windy outdoor use.

The Video:

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Picture of What Do You Need?

Only one sheet of paper!

I build it with a A4, 100g/m2 paper. (The red LED is only for size comparison.)

But any other size would also work! From small to huge!

Step 2: Make It Square!

Picture of Make It Square!

fold it and cut it to make a square sheet of paper.

Step 3: Build the Heavy Nose

Picture of Build the Heavy Nose

Fold half of the paper 4 times like shown in the 4 pictures.

Take care of parallel folding to the center line!

Step 4: Make It Round

Picture of Make It Round

make a nice round glider and put both ends together like in the pictures shown.

Step 5: Adjust the Glider for a Perfect Fly

Picture of Adjust the Glider for a Perfect Fly

Adjust the flyer at the end shown in the picture so that it glides like on a line!

=> Bend the end up to rise the nose until the flight.

=> Bend the end down to lower the nose until the flight.

And now have fun with this Instructable and build different sizes!

Don't forget. Throw it very softly! It's a slow glider.


keefurxxcore (author)2008-03-01

I learned about this in computer class in 3rd grade. I wanted to remake it but I forgot. Thanks!

haemink1 (author)keefurxxcore2014-06-04

What? Computer class? Did you make gloders in computer classes?

haemink1 (author)2014-06-04

Does it work good with a 80g paper too? WOW BEST INSTRUCTABLES EVER! YOU ARE THE BEST!

WattSekunde (author)2011-10-04

Thanks for all the nice comments! I've learned a lot from you, too.

it is one that works all the time. Great instructions

signposts (author)2010-06-27

I've seen this before and forgot how to make it. Thanks for the instructions.

Mikedood (author)2009-06-26

There is a heavy- duty (ish) toy exactly this- it is called the x-zylo. It is a little pricey, (9 bucks) but you can throw it fast, and it can go over 200 yards!

valhallas_end (author)Mikedood2009-11-15

It's funny - I'd been really skeptical of the x-zylo because the commercials looked....fake.  I finally found a store nice enough to let me try one this summer, and surprisingly it worked as advertised.  It's tricky to throw, and a devil to catch (let's stick sharp plastic edges on a rotating plane and have someone stick their hand in the way!), but nifty.
I didn't buy it though - tried building my own from light plastic, which worked somewhat well (not 200 ft well)....interesting project to say the least.

Mikedood (author)valhallas_end2009-12-01

 Sounds cool! If you still have it, I'd like to see some pictures!  ...How far did it fly?

valhallas_end (author)Mikedood2009-12-02

We never really measured, but I'd guess 50 to 70 feet max?  Granted, I never quite figured the optimum angle to throw, and the plastic was a little...lumpy after forming.  Unfortunately, like most of my projects, the plastic was recycled for a model I'd been working on, but if I ever get some free time, I might try to build a new one and post an Instructable.  It looked a bit like the commercial version, but the bumped section in the back was sharper and the ring was longer....and had some logo from the scrap I'd used.

thedafter (author)2009-06-18

it works

Fenris The bbw (author)2009-03-10

They fly better with two tails. Also, I like to throw them faster than in the video, and with a spin, like you would throw a football. It gives them a very erratic flight pattern.

Weston607 (author)2009-02-08

Pretty Cool Little Gizmo! I give it a 6.5 out of 10!

InvincibleCory (author)2008-09-12


zimmemic25 (author)2008-05-09

its cool! i saw something like this before, but that didnt have ends connected. just a "round" piece of paper.

Yeah, it might have been the flying paper gyro-scope. There's an instructable on how to make it :)


alanrb (author)2008-03-13

I have taped 5 of these together side by side, and they still retain nice flying ability. I am not sure what the limit would be. There is now sag, since the lift is the same on each section.

SpecieS~ (author)alanrb2008-05-22

I've taped 9 of them together. A very big one and 8 smaller ones around it. It flies better than one alone or two side by side. =)

dombeef (author)SpecieS~2008-07-08

can you get a pic of it?

SpecieS~ (author)dombeef2008-07-14

of course I can :-) the second pic is my newest construction - 15 planes side by side XD

dombeef (author)SpecieS~2008-07-14

WHOA!! that is very cool.but how good do they fly

SpecieS~ (author)dombeef2008-07-14

The first one (9 planes together) flies really good. The second one (15 planes together) flew, but not very good, so I taped some skewer on the bottom to make it more stable. Now it flies really good, too. =D

dombeef (author)SpecieS~2008-07-20

WOW! Thats amazing!

WattSekunde (author)alanrb2008-03-14

Wow! Great. Could you place a picture here? Since yesterday I had a abdominal influenza ;-( I'll go back to bed and hope that I can try my own test on Sunday 16th.

chewit (author)2008-05-17

I learn`t how to make one of these at a wedding we were all sat round eating and the bloke next to me said watch this and tossed it at the bride I was amazed by this and got him to show me how it was made, which is the same here but we made ours with tissue which I found works better and more impressive (have you ever made tissue fly ???)

WattSekunde (author)chewit2008-05-18

Thank you for the nice story! I have to try it with a tissue. Now! ;-)

fatcattr856 (author)2008-03-08

lots of fun I started expirementing and found that you can make a more maneuverable model if you tape two side by side. It turns when one tail is up and the other is down.

WattSekunde (author)fatcattr8562008-03-12

Great Idea. Thank you. You give me the idea to tape five or ten together and see how it works. I'll try...

Charles IV (author)2008-03-11

It's a flying Miter (that's a pope hat)

one-lightbulb (author)2008-03-03

this is very cool. I have seen this in an expensive commodity version.

Thanks! Yes, some people want to make money from nothing. ;-)

lil jon168 (author)2008-03-01

if you pinch the part were it looks like two mountians and through it works twice as good

WattSekunde (author)lil jon1682008-03-02

Yes! Thank you. Really, the glide seems more stable. And now I can adjust the flying direction too!

WattSekunde (author)2008-03-01

Thanks! I have learned this from other students on a math course at the university. It was really impressive to see them glide through the huge auditorium. ;-) Until now I don't know the name "flying pope hat" before. It fits nice. The Video is now finished and added!

sbennettinst (author)2008-03-01

Thanks that was great!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-01

Pretty cool! You have to add in a 30 second or less video though to show it in flight. Great job anyways!

bumpus (author)2008-03-01

this has been made before "flying pope hat"

joejoerowley (author)2008-03-01

Cool! I think you have to add a video though.

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