Picture of Super Small Knex Gun
This is a small knex gun. it uses 5 peices. (not including rubberband) this is my first instructable so plz be nice.

i am not responsible for anything stupid you do with this. have fun and be safe, Cartuner55

Step 1: Get the peices

Picture of get the peices
you need:
1 white (or shiny gray) rod
1 blue or shiny blue rod
2 light gray 1 hole connectors
1 rubberband (i like using the blue ones in certain knex sets. They are stretchy but powerful.)
1 connector rod
2 hands
1 target (a target is not a person or animal. a wall works best.)
time (approx 5 minutes if you are slow)
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mrfacetious7 years ago
i have a WAY better way to use this gun.. leave the safety on, and flip the bullet around so the front of it is facing you, and the safety is facing away. then just pull the elastic. the safety goes MILES cheers for the instructable much more clear than half of the complicated knex guns on here
Cartuner55 (author)  mrfacetious7 years ago
late, but i will put it in my modifications section.
poil874 years ago
that is small
liamjohnson6 years ago
Duble cheese
How exactly does the saftey go on?
oodalumps8 years ago
Cartuner55 (author)  oodalumps8 years ago
what does "..." mean? cartuner55 (sorry if that sounded mean to you, im just curious)
The link is broken
Well... look at other small and mini k'nex guns and you'll see why.
Cartuner55 (author)  Darth Trainman8 years ago
what i dont see anything the same. my shooting method is new!
Many very tiny and weak guns. This gun ain't exactly a gun that would be useful... i built the gun but it only goes like three feet, and I have good rubber bands...
Cartuner55 (author)  Darth Trainman8 years ago
well then your rubber bands aren't as good as you think because mine went 21 feet and 4 inches with the blue knex brand rubber band! look at the last step for a pic
where did you get the knex brand rubberbands?
Cartuner55 (author)  Pokezamer6 years ago
It came in some set..... i think it was a battlers set. not sure. sorry. Cartuner55
it means ...
Its like flinging a rubber band, but with Knex. A little unnecessary IMO.
zap897 years ago
bit of a bad camera mate, cud be better quility
Cartuner55 (author)  zap897 years ago
sorry. thats what happens when i zoom in or get close
deosnt mattter though. its easy to make so it doesnt make a difference. by the way, im stuck like on step 2. cud someone help me out? XD
pls zap897 years ago
nkk077 years ago
this gun is too hard to build!!!XD
knex47 nkk077 years ago
it is a stupid begginers gun
knex477 years ago
listen is that a begginers gun lol?
knex477 years ago
nkk077 years ago
too small
cobra nkk077 years ago
wow this took a lot of creativity
Cartuner55 (author)  cobra7 years ago
is this sarcastic? cause i could not tell
no I'm not being sarcastic this thing should win a nobel prize.
Cartuner55 (author)  cobra7 years ago
TheDunkis7 years ago
man i saw this in a video...not really a gun...more like a sling shot. honestly im pretty sure we dont need directions to make this...this is the part where i make a nice remark but honestly i don't know what to say so don't take it personally
Cartuner55 (author) 8 years ago
does anybody know what happened to www.knex.com?
www.knex.com still exists lol
Cartuner55 (author)  bobbyk8818 years ago
its different
stewmeat957 years ago
it goes like one foot. i shot it twice and it blew up. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH knex shrapenel
whoever7 years ago
I HATE THIS GUN!!!!!!!!! the handle spun and it smacked me in the nose!!!!!Fix it. I like the gun but hate that it hit me. SO fix it!
matt72307 years ago
doesn't go very far at all
Pbyrd8 years ago
It would be easier to throw the knex at someone that shoot them with this
3451388 years ago
it goes like 2 ft lol
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