Super Small Knex Gun





Introduction: Super Small Knex Gun

This is a small knex gun. it uses 5 peices. (not including rubberband) this is my first instructable so plz be nice.

i am not responsible for anything stupid you do with this. have fun and be safe, Cartuner55

Step 1: Get the Peices

you need:
1 white (or shiny gray) rod
1 blue or shiny blue rod
2 light gray 1 hole connectors
1 rubberband (i like using the blue ones in certain knex sets. They are stretchy but powerful.)
1 connector rod
2 hands
1 target (a target is not a person or animal. a wall works best.)
time (approx 5 minutes if you are slow)

Step 2: Handle and Bullet

build one of each

Step 3: Bullet and Power Meet

this is the part where the bullet and rubberband meet!

Step 4: Assembly

put the handle and bullet together.

Step 5: Firing!

take the constructed gun and hold the handle in your whole hand with the bullet pointing away from you. pull off the safety. then with your other hand pinch the loop of the band with again your thumb and index finger. pull back and let go of the band. the bullet should fly like a dart.

Step 6: Enjoy!

i fired it and i made mine go 21 feet and 4 inches measure yours and post it!

Step 7: Additions

instead of putting a blue knex brand rubberband you can put one of the 7 inch ones HERE[]

a guy on youtube suggested this and his went 40 feet!



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i have a WAY better way to use this gun.. leave the safety on, and flip the bullet around so the front of it is facing you, and the safety is facing away. then just pull the elastic. the safety goes MILES cheers for the instructable much more clear than half of the complicated knex guns on here

late, but i will put it in my modifications section.

that is small

what does "..." mean? cartuner55 (sorry if that sounded mean to you, im just curious)

The link is broken

Well... look at other small and mini k'nex guns and you'll see why.

what i dont see anything the same. my shooting method is new!