Here is a nintendo wii tutorial for super smash bros brawl.

It tells you how to unlock the character wolf.

You must do it on the level "ruins" and MUST have completed subspace emissary first or the door wont appear.

I used the wii freeloader to play the game in the UK as it isn't out here yet.

Good Luck
lol when wolf appers it looks like he flicks u off
 so that's how I find wolf finally!!!!!!
cool i just got brawl and i still cant find wich char im best with :( I try to play good but lvl 8 cpus are too easy and lvl 9s are too hard also my friend owns like hes almost as good as lvl 9s if not better so really theres no one i can play with. (the online is too easy. lots of noobs.) can someone help me with a char that owns everyone? i hear ice climbers rock once you master them and picachu is easy to start out with
&nbsp;use king dedede hes really strong and easy to master he can kill in one hit<br /> <br />
are you sure you can do that, i heard that you unlock all the characters by finishing sub. em.? IS IOTS WRONG FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER??????? lol
yes your first loss :)
Hes flippin' the bird!
I noticed that. (are we suppost to post double today or something?)
hes flipping the bird! :0
I noticed that
grunt soldiours! your on youtube, halogmr here, nice one with the vids!!
You know, you could just be more careful with the falling blocks, airdodge the Jyks, roll past the fire, and jump out of the carts, right?
rofl. Yeah I guess so. I'd be lying if I said I was great at the game. I just know where to go. Great comment mate. Made me laugh.
Just with different armor. =P<br/>
His moves are different. His gun doesnt shoot as far as fox/falco, and his side special can meteor smash if you hit them at the right time.
You can also play Boss Battle Mode with Fox, and after you beat Tabuu, Wolf will do the usual jump-out-of-ship-and-flick-you-off routine.
Wolf looks EXACTLY like Fox. =P<br/>
ha those mitts are schooling you
I mean mite
Are you going to post how to unlock Jigglypuff?
Unlocking jigglypuff is kinda easy , just do one of the following : • Play 350 brawls • Beat 20 or more Events after clearing The Subspace Emissary • Pass through the hidden door in The Swamp area after completing The Subspace Emissary
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