Super Sonic Dish Sponge





Introduction: Super Sonic Dish Sponge

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Materials: 11/64 drill bit
Electric drill
11/64 nut and bolt
Sponge(any kind)
And a paper clip

Step 1:

Get a 11/64 drill bit and drill a whole throw the back of the paper clip

Step 2:

Get a 11/64 nut and bolt and tighten it on the back of the paper clip

Step 3:

Next put the sponge on the clip like so

Step 4:

Finally you can now clean your dishes the manly way



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    6 Discussions

    Overkill. Check mine out.

    Lazyness is the 1st ingredient to invention !!!

    Love it, stupid !!!… ;)))))

    Man, I was really hoping that the angular velocity of the sponge exceeded the speed of sound.