Picture of Super Special Laptop Sleeve (**With Updates**)
After reading this I thought it sounded like something that might be fun to try making.

Since my mom's birthday is coming up (Hi Mom!), I figured it might be neat to make her a nifty laptop sleeve emblazoned with the covers of her favorite newspapers (The New York Times and The Washington Post). Just to make it extra special, I used a photo-editing program to change the news a little, but you could also leave it as is - especially if something interesting was covered.

I also made one for myself with a nifty computer repair flowchart on one side, and the circuit map of an Apple-1 on the other. There are probably a billion different things that you could use as an image (repair guides might be cool/helpful), whatever floats your boat!

Because it requires a hot iron and needles, make sure to be careful. This would be a great simple project to teach kids some sewing techniques (rounded corners and rolled hems), and the results are pretty nice!

*note: make sure to check out the tips in Step 5*
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Step 1: You'll Need. . .

Picture of You'll Need. . .
  • some t-shirt transfer paper (at least two sheets), 8.5"x11" (make sure it's compatible with your printer)
  • an iron
  • a printer
  • a scanner (if you don't have your images in digital format)
  • a newspaper or two, depending on if you want the two sides to be the same or not (if you don't want to go through the hassle of scanning a newspaper, etc. you can also look for images of newspapers online)
  • a computer with photo-editing software (Photoshop, G.I.M.P., etc.)
  • other images and things (if you want to change the news)
  • some fabric (I used some canvas) - you'll need enough to cover the laptop like a book jacket, and as well as extra around the edges for seam allowances)
  • needle, thread (or sewing machine if you have one - it makes this much easier)
  • pins
  • a pillowcase or other fabric to protect the transfer during ironing
kaiserf2 years ago
I like the picture of Jack and Sally in front of Schloss Moritzburg :) Greetings from Dresden!
I think i will make this for my girlfriend - Quick question for a man who knows very little about sewing and stuff: Is there a way to make this case more sturdy/padded? The only method i can think of is stuff it full of cotton. (Which might be good for doubling as a pillow-esc-emergcy thing.)
shesparticular (author)  octopuscabbage4 years ago
Sounds awesome! If you check out the last step you can find some info about a slightly different sleeve I made for my dad's laptop which had some padding. I'd suggest picking up some sheet-type foam or quilt batting so that it won't be lumpy.

Good luck!
Hmm thanks - I don't know if i will have enough time to make it for christmas. plus i have to measure her laptop. It seems like a good gift because she just got a laptop.

Nice ible btw.
shesparticular (author)  octopuscabbage4 years ago
Thanks so much!

They really don't take long at all to make and make a great gift. Also, if you know specifically what type of laptop she has you could likely find the specs online and work from that - I'm sure she'd be thrilled.
I could just ask her and say i want to research the processor or something. I'll have to find that iron on t-shirt stuff. Is that common? Could i just walk up to the craft store and ask for it?
shesparticular (author)  octopuscabbage4 years ago
I've seen transfers available in craft stores and office supply stores - basically every one I've ever been in has sold them.
Cool! Ill probably go tomorrow.
Very Very nice!  (such a clever girl) Where did you find the picture of the computer specs? Makes it extra cool
!! You and your sister are sure cutie- patooties. I was wondering if somewhere in cyberspace there would be an actual copy of the front cover of a newspaper for the day your mom was born?
shesparticular (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Thanks so much! I found the circuit map online somewhere, but sadly I can't seem to find it again now. If you try putting things like "circuit map" in online, you might be able to locate something similar.

I have to agree, my sister and I were really adorable :)  I wasn't able to locate a paper from the day she was born, but one of the modifications I made was to change the date on paper to be that date.
(removed by author or community request)
Thanks very much! My mom liked it a lot too!
1ijack5 years ago
Great instructable. i give a 10/10
shesparticular (author)  1ijack5 years ago
Thanks so much!
UOS5 years ago
Love that!
shesparticular (author)  UOS5 years ago
Thanks so much! I think it turned out really well. I hope my mom likes it too!
Goodhart5 years ago
Very Cool !!!
shesparticular (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Sl0whand5 years ago
Hi mi dear shesparticular! In these days it is really great to listen to someone talking about a mother as you do... I really appreciate that! Could make some people believe not everything is hating and killing each other either physically or verbally... This Instructable is great by its content, but deserves like 500 stars for its intention... Lots of Light!
shesparticular (author)  Sl0whand5 years ago
Thanks so much! My mom is pretty great :)