Introduction: Super Stereo Case

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So, here's an Instructable on how to build a basic case for a Stereo Mic, add some Potentiometers, XLR Jacks, LEDs, and Switches.

Parts List

2 XLR Jacks
2 50K Ohm Potentiometers
1 Toggle Switch
1 Large Red LED
2 Potentiometer Knobs
1 7"x3"x1.7" Project Box

Step 1: Drilling Holes

Picture of Drilling Holes

firstly you need to make sure all your parts are working and yadda yadda, use your DMM to check these. Next mark your holes and drill them

Step 2: Solder Your Shenanigans

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Now its time to solder and de-solder your parts.
De-Solder your parts that you need to remove from the circuit board, such as:

Surface Mount Power Switch
Power LED
Stereo 50K B (Linear) Potentiometer
Audio Jack

Replace these with:

Toggle Switch
Giant Red LED
2 Mono 50K B (Linear) Potentiometers
2 Male Panel Mount XLR Jacks 
     this allows for individual output of the left and right mic/channel


iApple guy (author)2012-08-28

I like your design!

ryanjblajda (author)iApple guy2013-11-27

thanks!! i actually dismantled this a while ago, but i might build a DI box in the near future, as i could use one.

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