Super Strong Knex Tower


Introduction: Super Strong Knex Tower

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Make it as tall as you want. This version is perfect for any size rooms with an average 8ft celling. Make as tall as you want. To assemble taller towers break it about 4ft up and then lift up the part(only if it is over 10ft tall)and reconnect it. Check out my homemade snow machine!

Step 1: The Base

This is the bottom of the tower that keeps it from falling over in 5mph wind.

Step 2: Main Body 1

Make 5 of these.

Step 3: Main Body 2

Make 4 of these.

Step 4: Antenna

This is unnecessary but makes it look more realistic.

Step 5: Connection

The Fun Part.

Step 6: Make It Taller

Use as many of each section as you want as long there are the same amount of each Body type. Here is a picture of my tallest tower yet. ITS 15.5 FEET TALL. I used a normal type top because I was out of pieces. You could make this very tall but you might need to make the base another layer wider.



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    I made one thats 12 feet tall but it almost fell down. Also put x bracing in the middle on the bottom.

    thanks for ur design it inspired me to build my knex tower cannon

    you can play jenga and keep taking out random pieces untill it falls, lol that would take time and it would be fun

    1 reply

    I kind of changed it into a superdome

    mine is almost touching the 8 foot ceiling and is almost 10 foot outside with the extra peice

    3 replies

    wow nice job! if you have any pieces left you should go for the world record! i think its 50 feet or so....

    out of purples and the blues

    omg... r u kiddin me???
    how hard is it to build a knex tower???
    srry if i think worng...

    1 reply

    complicated...i have actually discovered a much better design now but it actually is more complex than meets the eye.

    Might gather up my friends and make a 20+ tall tower with a seat and k'nex minigun mount, but that'd need to be HUGE and insanely strong...... that'd require a huge base, though...

    1 reply

    Yeah it would u may just want to use wood and and a knex minigun. Knex isn't really meant to hold weight


    maybe if you took out some internals you add a elevator lift.

    2 replies

    Then you would have a makeshift ball machine!


    At least a part of it.

    You should see what I made! =) I will post it later!<br/>

    If you put more tower internals, it'll be easy to shoot ;D