This project is a Halloween surfboard costume, constructed entirely out of cardboard! What began as a simple school project evolved into a Halloween costume for middle school aged children. Super Stupendous Surfboard is made of entirely recyclable materials (cardboard) so it is beneficial to the environment. It is also created using slotted construction (all the pieces slot together) so no fasteners are necessary! This costume can be tailored to fit any middle aged child, just adjust the scale accordingly. Super Stupendous Surfboard is easy to make, just follow the steps.

I designed a Halloween surfboard costume, designed for middle school aged children for a class project. I, along with four other members of my group, designed a marine accessories line of costumes. Each of us designed and built our own costume, while collaborating with each other for brainstorming, collecting of ideas, constructive criticism, and feedback.

The costume must fit a middle school aged child
- The costume must be entirely made of cardboard
- The surfboard may not include any fasteners
- The costume must slot together (slotted construction)

- The costume may only be made of recyclable materials
- Surfboard must fit the child correctly

Super Stupendous Surfboard has a couple limitations that should be brought to mind. First of all, it must only be made of cardboard. If you wish to use other materials, you'd be best finding another surfboard costume. It must fit the child (ages 11-14) in order to fit properly and serve its purpose well.

cutting mat
- utility knife
- ruler
- pencil
- 4 sheets of cardboard 
      each measuring
             - 1 piece measuring 5" x 5"
             - 4 pieces measuring 10" x 3"
             - 2 pieces measuring 50" x 15"

*note* see attached file "orthographic view" to view dimensions of the pieces

- fin
- small connectors (2)
- large connectors (2)
- base pieces (2)
*to see the orthographic view, view links below picture

Step 1: Fin

1. Place the cutting mat on a flat surface.

2. Place the 5" x 5" piece of cardboard on the cutting mat

3. Using the pencil and ruler, measure and trace the outline of the fin using the orthographic view.  

4. Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the outline of the fin. 

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