Picture of Super Sucker Centerpiece!
suckers centerpiece display firecracker.jpg
This is a fabulous party centerpiece made of homemade lollipops!

It's simple to make, here's what you'll need:
4" Styrofoam ball
mason jar
cardboard tube (this is a sturdier variety)
Washi tape or scrapbook paper

Homemade sucker supplies or store bought suckers:
     *small plastic bags
     *corn syrup, water, sugar, food coloring, candy flavoring
     *candy thermometer
     *twist ties, twine or tape
     *lollipop molds and clips
     *lollipop sticks
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Step 1: Make your suckers...

Picture of Make your suckers...
boiling sugar for homemade lollipops.jpg
homemade suckers.jpg
homemade suckers root beer flavor.jpg
Make your suckers or skip to step 4 and buy some!
Either way it will be cute!

Lollipop or Hard Candy recipe:
2 Cups sugar
2/3 Cup corn syrup
1 Cup water
1 dram of candy flavoring
food coloring

You'll need to set up your lollipop molds before you get cooking.
Each mold snuggles a lollipop stick and clips in place.
lightly spray the molds with non-stick spray and begin to boil your first 3 ingredients: sugar, corn syrup and water.

Boil on high until temperature reaches 300* or Hard Crack.  (takes 10-15 minutes depending on heat)
Remove from heat, add flavoring and food coloring.  (we used Root Beer and it needed no additional coloring)

Step 2: Pour Quickly!

Picture of Pour Quickly!
After your flavor and color are quickly mixed in, hold pan and let liquid pour into the molds.  You have to work fast before it cools off.  Fill the molds to the top!
Allow them to cool completely.  (about 20 minutes)

Step 3: Tie them off!

Picture of Tie them off!
helpers for homemade suckers.jpg
Take the cooled lollipops and put them in little plastic candy bags.  We used washi tape to tape them off, but twist ties or twine are great too!
Little hands love to help!

Step 4: Now construct the stand!

Picture of Now construct the stand!
homemade suckers lollipops washi tape.jpg
homemade centerpiece upcycled styrofoam ball and cardboard tube.jpg
washi tape lollipops.jpg
Take your styrofoam ball and hot glue it to your cardboard tube.
Decorate with washi tape or scrapbook paper.

Insert tube into mason jar, so that the tube reaches the base and the ball rests on top.
(our jar was an old salsa jar...upcycle)
Awesome! I agree with Scooch, the washi tape looks great on it :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I've never seen sucker forms like that! Definitely need. Also, I appreciate your use of washi tape (which I just learned about). Fun! Can we be neighbors??
doodlecraft (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
I'd love to have a super creative neighbor! Yes, let's hang out! :) Thanks!