This is a fabulous party centerpiece made of homemade lollipops!

It's simple to make, here's what you'll need:
4" Styrofoam ball
mason jar
cardboard tube (this is a sturdier variety)
Washi tape or scrapbook paper

Homemade sucker supplies or store bought suckers:
     *small plastic bags
     *corn syrup, water, sugar, food coloring, candy flavoring
     *candy thermometer
     *twist ties, twine or tape
     *lollipop molds and clips
     *lollipop sticks

Step 1: Make Your Suckers...

Make your suckers or skip to step 4 and buy some!
Either way it will be cute!

Lollipop or Hard Candy recipe:
2 Cups sugar
2/3 Cup corn syrup
1 Cup water
1 dram of candy flavoring
food coloring

You'll need to set up your lollipop molds before you get cooking.
Each mold snuggles a lollipop stick and clips in place.
lightly spray the molds with non-stick spray and begin to boil your first 3 ingredients: sugar, corn syrup and water.

Boil on high until temperature reaches 300* or Hard Crack.  (takes 10-15 minutes depending on heat)
Remove from heat, add flavoring and food coloring.  (we used Root Beer and it needed no additional coloring)

Awesome! I agree with Scooch, the washi tape looks great on it :)
I've never seen sucker forms like that! Definitely need. Also, I appreciate your use of washi tape (which I just learned about). Fun! Can we be neighbors??
I'd love to have a super creative neighbor! Yes, let's hang out! :) Thanks!

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