Picture of Super Table - covered with comic books

Hi Friends !

This table I made for a film set.
It was a work for the college. Actually I study at a film college ;)
It is very easy to make.
You need just a few of comic books, scissors, and glue.
For finish it , brush a coat of varnish for waterproofing.
This day was very funny, I worked a lot, my friends the same.


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mary candy (author) 3 years ago
more an example, what you can do with comics :D
onrust2 years ago
Awesome! Love the photos :)
mary candy (author)  onrust2 years ago
thanx! :*
zombiecow3 years ago
What brand of varnish did you use? I have looked a several but I'm terrified of ruining the comics! Great idea by the way easy and great for the comic obsessed ;)
mary candy (author)  zombiecow3 years ago
Hi zumbiecow ,
I used one from here Brazil, it is Suvinil.
But I think you could use a ordinary varnish. go ahead ! it works.
inhabitart3 years ago
hats off,
i super loved.
5 stars from me...
we should make a wall like this
oh god it would be so awesome...
keep rocking...
Make a wall, with giant comic book panels, like Roy Lichenstein's pop art.
mary candy (author)  Tomasauk3 years ago
sure, it 's a great idea ;) I love por art and of course Roy Lichenstein.
mary candy (author)  inhabitart3 years ago
hii! thanks for the compliment ;)
Sure a wall would be great... but at moment I have no wall
to make some criativity :D
mary candy (author)  inhabitart3 years ago
Thanks dear :*
PeckLauros3 years ago
Ficou muito lindo! Só não sei se tenho coragem de canibalizar as revistinhas...
TabbyDeAnne3 years ago
Oh Mary! Mary! You do such cool things in your life! This is tops!! I will be making one of my own now.. I don't know how my guy will feel when I take his vintage comics and make them into a decor piece in our living room but I'm willing to do it for the love of a conversation piece.. I do love this Mary! Thanks.
This looks really nice! I made some custom cd cases with comic books once, but they didn't turn out as nice as this. Maybe I should have used varnish.
BEAUTIFUL!!!! This is so creative!! :D
Thanks dear :)
don't forget to vote me on the contest ;D
kiss kiss
jgautier3 years ago
OMG this is awesome! I will defiantly try it out!
LoganMackey3 years ago
mary candy (author)  LoganMackey3 years ago
Thankssss a lot !!!
i think mod podge would work well for this project
Mod Podge will work, but I worry about it's durability. It would certainly be fine for light-duty applications.
mary candy (author)  plasticpopcorn43 years ago
Sure ; )
foobear3 years ago
really cool
M.C. Langer3 years ago
I love it!!! :-)
mary candy (author)  M.C. Langer3 years ago
This is cool!! Great job :)
mary candy (author)  BlueberryCrazy3 years ago
:) thanks.
Puzzledd3 years ago
Nice project, thanks for sharing :)
mary candy (author)  Puzzledd3 years ago
DngrDave3 years ago
I'm a little bit conflicted here,

On the one hand the nerd part of me is crying out over the wanton destruction of a comic book.

On the other hand I've got to say, the table looks great, so good job!
mary candy (author)  DngrDave3 years ago
"the nerd part" ahushaushauhahahhahaha
You are right.
But you could make a copy of the Comics , so you use the
copy , not the books.
; )
splazem3 years ago
That's awesome! It would be fun to do it with comic strips you get in the paper.
mary candy (author)  splazem3 years ago
Thanks ;)
Sure so it would look more retro-style ;)
Yeah! Your right, that would be retro.
mary candy (author)  splazem3 years ago
Retro is the best.
Screamo3 years ago
O my goodness, this is tops!
Good Stufffffffffffffffffff.
mary candy (author)  chapa-de-frente3 years ago
nice you liked ;)
kiss kiss
Brilliant! :D
mary candy (author)  laideronnette3 years ago
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