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Introduction: Super Thin Super Cheap VESA Mount

I was trying to find and buy a thin VESA mount holder for my new monitor, with no luck. Even the thinnest one was too thick. So I tried to made one by myself. And did it. Parts are incredibly cheap, there is no any complicated operation to assemble this one.

Step 1: Parts Needed

  • screw x 2
  • washer x 2
  • painting wall holder x 2
  • metal junction x 2

I used 2 x M4 screws, but you can see sizing standards here

Washer is used to allow clearance, so the painting holder can slide in, touching the washer.

Before you buy your parts, be sure to measure how much space you have above the monitor or TV, because you will have to slide-in the monitor from above while placing it on the wall.

Step 2: Place Screw on Monitor, With Washer and Metal Junction

For easier sliding in, make a small curve on the metal junctions.

Step 3: Put Painting Holders on Wall

Step 4: Place the Monitor on the Wall



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    i wouldnt suggest this one on drywall.. a nice stone wall would be great though... nice fix :-)

    This is a great idea, awesome!