I will show you how to make a very powerful toothpaste that refreshes breath, cleanses teeth, and whitens teeth with a just brushed clean feeling. using household items. (:_:)

Step 1: What U Need.

What u need-baking soda or powder.

What u need-mouth wash.(any kind).

What u need-hydrogen paroxside :).

What u need-small bathroom cup :(.
<p>I have used this one and many other combos. You can buy flavors and glycerin to sweeten. The most IMPORTANT is to get away from FLUORIDE. Fluoride is the worst chemical ever for the body. It is purposefully put in toothpaste to got dissipate throughout much quicker. It helps destroy from bones and teeth to organs and glands. But most important it alters brain function, changing you from a self-sufficient thinking for yourself, leader and innovator to a following drone that agrees to everything and follows all suggestions. We are the only country that fluoride is mandatorily put in everything. Every other country has made fluoride illegal to use and it is listed as poison. You can no fluoride on the net cheap. It is also being put in other foods. That's why the have allowed companies to take off food ingredients from packaging. Research or yourself. It's important.</p>
<p>We make natural toothpaste but we never use hydrogen peroxide in it.</p><p>Check it out here http://www.vivadoria.com/Uncle-Harry-s-All-Natural-Toothpaste-p/00085.htm</p>
Many times I use peroxide for a rinse in my mouth. You can also use warm salt water. This will heal the mouth faster. You can also use baking soda or baking soda and salt to brush the teeth. Has anyone thought what they used before they started to add all these chemicals and made expensive products. I no longer can use any thing saying ProHealth or Colgate or Tom's of Maine. I became allergic to many of these products. The more I use them the more my body becomes allergic to more products so beware. I can use a little of Biotene but no other mouth rinse that I know of. We need to stop using all these chemicals. They go into our water supply and do bad things to our body. Ever wonder where cancer comes from. CHEMICALS.
I'm in the dental hygiene field. LISTEN... Don't do this. Use Crest Pro Health with the stannous fluoride in it or use the Sensodyne Pro Enamel. The comment about the tomato and the wood/sandpaper is VERY accurate. Remember...times and ideas change. Always research before you try:)
fluoride is BAD for your bones, not good :@ but yeah, this instructable sucks :( and it uses a mouthwash, that's not DIY at all
I'm almost 100% positive that teeth are not made of bone.
Do you know of some other name for a completely calcium-based deposit?
No, but only because I am just in high-school and am therefore neither a dentist nor a scientist. I do know for a fact that teeth and bones are not the same. Similar in components, yes, but not the same thing.
your probably just saying that so no one trys it because your so jelous of it and that it wasnt your idea.
Actually, he's right. Those toothpaste brands are really good for your teeth, where this one mainly uses baking soda and mouthwash. Not DIY, and won't taste good. Try <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Toothpaste-1/" rel="nofollow">scoochmarro's recipie</a>, it is much better.
See my post above. Since researching fluoride, I have quit using it and started avoiding it alltogether. I have never been more cavity-free in my entire life!
of course, this recommendation (and most recommendations dentists give) has nothing to do with the perks these companies give you....
I wouldn't try it but I did have a dentist tell me to rinse with peroxide. And I once used baking soda for toothpaste but not at the same time. I now use Crest as you have recommended. My dentist told me this is the best toothpaste to use, the Crest I mean. lol
Baking Soda<br>Hydrogen Peroxide<br>Salt<br>Vegetable Glycerin<br>A few drops of Clove Oil (fantastic antiseptic/antibacterial and known for toothache remedy)<br><br>For the greatest whitening - brush twice a day for 10 mins. <br><br>This may not taste the best, but I can assure you that your teeth will never feel so darned clean. Some add citrus or peppermint essential oil. I personally don't mind the taste of Clove.
The gums turn white because of the hydrogen peroxide. It's not a serious problem unless you're using like 30% lab grade hydrogen peroxide.
It works! Really...I have been using this process for years.
yak!!!!! that was gross i just tried it
i got this off of a different website a little before i saw this and when i did it it make like a foam, it actually fizzed up slightly and made my cheeks expand while trying to hold in the ggoop from dripping onto my shirt, is there a gas that is made by this process? cuz like, when hydrogen peroxide and baking soda pop into my head i kinda think hydrogen gas might be a product XD i dont think im right, but like, if anyone knows if there is a gas associated with this than id like to know =P<br/>
Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. When it decays, it produces H2O, or water, and O2 gas, oxygen.<br />
Thanks for the recipe! I too didn't find the taste to nice, so I added Colgate Total to it, and that really helped with the flavor and consistance! Brilliant!!!
hehehe, i have also gotten the white gums, but they go away
this is awesome. i have been doing this for some time now and works highly effectively.
There will be no fluoride in the toothpaste! Plus, hydrogen peroxide is not good for your gums, it just dissolves the outer layer of cells.
Anecdotal: At the beginning of my life, when I brushed with moderate strength fluoride, I had few cavities. In my teens, when I brushed and gargled with high strength fluoride, I had many cavities. Now, in my 20's, I don't use floride at all and get no cavities and no new progress on old cavities despite a heavy sugar intake.
Hum, putting baking soda and/or hydrogen peroxide in one's mouth<br/>sounds to me like a very *bad* idea.<br/>
Just dont swallow it read side of hydragen preoxcide
+1 to all these people... baking soda is in pretty much all conventional toothpaste, it DOES whiten your teeth. i dunno about the peroxide, but then again, instructables is about unconventional thinking, so i may give it a try
Dentists have recommended baking soda and peroxide for many years.
Yeah, A lot of my toothpastes have both in them
A little salt or fine-grade silica (fine, cleaned sand) adds A little more cleaning power due to the abrasive qualities. Salt is usually recommended as it is obviously digestible.
Im taking your suggestion with a grain of salt. :P But yeah, salt works, but It is also very painful if it scratches your gums.
Coming from someone with low-enamel/sensitive teeth, do not try this, ESPECIALLY with "salt" as Daemonikk suggests. While the baking soda is not harmful, the peroxide is bad for gums in larger/regular doses, as mentioned. Anything abrasive such as salt or another other granular material will eat away at the enamel like sandpaper does to wood. Think of enamel's as a tomato, as my new dentist put it. Brush it too hard or with the wrong chemicals and the outer layer will peel away. And FWIW, the best OTC toothpaste I've found for low-enamel/sensitive teeth is Sensodyne's ProNamel. It works WONDERS. Anyway, props for the idea but just wanted to give the warning for those with less than perfect teeth.
mmmmmmm, i think that smells and has bad flavour..

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