Super-Uber-Duper Easy Bottle Cap Magnets




Introduction: Super-Uber-Duper Easy Bottle Cap Magnets

I have a surplus of bottle caps that people give me to make jewlrey out of (instructble pending) and as i was making a new metal board to display pictures on, and i thought these extra bottle caps would make great magnets, and was amazed at how awesomely easy they were to make. this will take you all of two minitues tops, hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: Supplies

These are super cheap to make and you'll only need a few supplies.

-Bottle caps (duh)
-pony beads- most everyone has these around already, if not just pick up the cheapest bag you can find at a local craft store
-Hot glue gun- preferably one made for crafts and not industrial
-peel n' stick magnets- picked these up for a buck at walmart
-scissors- not pictured

Step 2: Glue

Turn the cap upsidedown, and squeeze a pea sized dap of glue in approximately the center. then quickly press the pony bead, hole up, onto the glue.

Step 3: Magnet

Now cut off a peice of magnet about 3/8 of an inch square, then add another dab of glue to the top of the bead and press on the magnet sticky side down.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Let the glue cool, pull off and exess glue strings and enjoy!!! now that was easy, huh?!? 



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