In this instructable I'll show you how to quickly convert an old, maybe worn out, or wrong sized T-shirt into a super versatile bag! This T-shirt bag is great for carrying laundry, serving as a gym bag, being a temporary pillow case on trips, and many many more dandy things!!

Read on to make your super T-shirt bag, and discover the possibilities that it holds for you.

This bag is Great for:

Carrying laundry
Gym bag
Temporary Pillow case
All around carry things kinda bag
Travel bag

You can also sew on additional shoulder straps on the bag if you intend on carrying it for prolonged amounts of time. Maybe find an old backpack and use the shoulder straps from it.

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Step 1: Basic Tools and Materials.

To construct this T-shirt bag, it is recommended that you have:

1. One old t-shirt, or t-shirt of your choice
2. A sewing machine, or be hardcore and sew it by hand
3. Some para cord, or other strong rope like material of your choice
4. Scissors
5. Something to keep the string untangled, I used a LEGO

real men know how to sew
awesome... it is the best....<br />
Been awhile since you posted this, but it was just what I needed to turn an old football shirt that my son did not want to throw out into a usable gym bag. Awesome! Thanks!!
This is a very easy pattern with very good results - I like the pillowcase idea
except its upsidedown :P
wow! really nice, i have made bags of this type before, but not as nice. too bad it cant qualify for the t-shirt hacks. you cant wear it anymore... maybe sewing your bag to a wearable t-shirt would make it wearable and make it qualify! very nice job. -gamer
Well, before I read the full instructions (they were hard to find because they weren't linked to the main contest page) I made this. I interpreted the contest as hacking a t-shirt into something new again, besides just making a different looking t-shirt. Never know, they may still count it. Atleast I hope they do. Thanks for the feedback -Gunk
They should. I'd vote for it -- it's very good.
Awesome! Wow, this was posted pretty fast...
Thanks! As soon as I saw the contest I knew what I was going to do and jumped on my sewing machine.
WOW! one of the most clear instrutables ive read for a while! well done
It's a shame that all Instructables can't be this useful. Great job.
Thank you!
Awesome idea!

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