Picture of Super X-Box 360 PSU for 12v Power suply
In this instructable I will show you how to modify an X-Box 360 power brick to use as a high power 12v power supply. They are cheap from a second hand store and I got mine for cheap. I got 3 of them for about $40 and If you get a similar supply from an electrical store it will cost about $80 for an entry level one. 

This is my second and best X-Box 360 power brick mod.

Please no bad comments. I'm only 13 years old.
Sorry for some of the bad pics. My good camera is dead
and I'm using an Iphone 3gs camera.

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Step 1: The PSUs

There are four power supplies you can get for an X-box.
1. The 150w 12.1A power supply for the jasper (The one featured in this 'ible)
2. The 175w 15A power supply for the falcon
3. The 203w 16.1A power supply for the Zephyr or the Xenon (the one you want to get. This has a thick output cable)
4. The weak one designed for the slim. You don't want to get this one because it's not that powerful and it's more expensive compared to the others

The one for the oldest X-Box is the cheapest and the most powerful. That is an advantage for me because I need a high power PSU  for cheap.

Step 2: Parts you'll need...

Picture of Parts you'll need...

First of all you will need a few components for this project. They are mostly cheap.
1. An X-Box 360 PSU
2. Red and Black DC power cable. Make sure it can handle 12v and whatever number of amps the PSU is outputting
3. Non-momentary switch. Toggle switches are the best and easiest to fit. I only had a rocker switch.
4. Female usb port
5. Various bit of small diameter cable.

techboy41113 days ago

You should put resistors on the USB ports data lines in order to charge some pesky devices, like your 3Gs. There are LOADS of 'ibles targeting this very subject. I'm just saying that so that this project is a bit more "complete"..

I've modified a brick too and I quoted you in my ible :-)
dog digger (author)  andrea biffi1 year ago
Awesome! Happy I could help :)
pmcbride1 year ago
Great Instructable. I used this to make a power supply for a police light bar. I had no problems whatso ever. Props to you!
First, great job on the instructable. You really cover it.

But why remove the fan? I mean if you are just using it to power usb devices then fine. They don't need much power. But if you are doing anything that is going to draw amps the brick is going to get hot. Heck, those things get pretty toasty running an xbox. That's why they are seperate from the rest of the machine.
dog digger (author)  Dirtie Hippie3 years ago
I have thought long and hard about this decision. I will be drawing a lot of power from this thing but I needed that fan for another project and I have several reasons. First, the cooling was so badly designed. This fan was in an insulated chamber. It was insulated by plastic. The only heat conductive thing around there was a small square of sheet metal which was also insulated and isolated. Well i thought long and hard and I don't think that taking the fan out and cutting some vents in would have decreased performance or make the unit run hotter. Plus, if this PSU gives me the red light, I have three more
i have taken apart the xbox slim brick and even with no case on with no fan it overheats and red lights. im making a xbox laptop and need to connect 12v fans to the brick.
amazing the things u have done we share many interests
zack2473 years ago
ive got a 16.5A power brick, when took it apart i was surprised to see how poorly made these things are when it comes to heat.

i took the entire fan assembly out, including the metal heatsink plate.
as it turns out, there is a 5-6mm heatsink that is supposed to dissipate heat outside the brick, it was really pitiful.

i am intending on using this brick for other power-hungry projects and i am going to have to completely revamp the cooling system in it.
dog digger (author)  zack2473 years ago
It's sad but they are very powerful!