Learn to make a snowflake from paper.
Thanks to everyone for commenting and enjoying! Your responses are great. Also, FYI, I used printer paper to show the technique semi-clearly, but other times I used recycled paper, flyers, and even an old sex-ed packet.

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Step 2: Cutting the Paper

Cut the paper. You fold the paper and cut it to make a square, then fold that into the triangle shown. Then make the three cuts, and unfold it.

Step 3: Folding and Taping the Paper.

Fold the square into a cannoli shape, and tape it. Then, turn the whole thing upside down, and fold the two strips the other way. Then flip the whole thing again, and tape together those. Continue until all of the strips are done.

Step 4: Now, the slightly tedious part!

This is the part when you invite 5 friends over so they can each make their own. Or, you could just make all six, or have a sibling or family member make some. You need six total, remember!

Step 5: Holding and stapling

Hold all of the flakes by the bottom, and... (this is the tricky part) Staple them together. DO NOT PICK THIS UP YET! THIS IS NOT DONE!
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I love it!
mheymad11 months ago
great job and that is a really cool idea :) ;)
My choir teacher makes these to hang up for the Christmas concert and I really liked them but never knew how to make them. Now I do! Thanks so much!
lotty200211 months ago
Wow that so cool
The view out of your windows is spooky.
These were awesome and you did a really good job with instructions they were fun and easy to make!!! Thank you!
Equanimic2 years ago
I made one of these last year but today, I went bigger! I just made these for my daughter's school winter party. They were a huge hit! All the parents were impressed and thought they were extremely time consuming. They were beautiful! See for yourself...
Celine11072 years ago
I love the snowflakes though they are so cool! We decorate our house with them every year! Nice instructible!
Snow 003.JPG001.JPG
ccm22 years ago
Thanks for your idea, i can idea for my children home work
WOWSERZ!!! This is totally nifty!! I am bookmarking this one 4 sure! Gr8 photos and instructions! Lurve lurve lurve it!
I second that! lurve teh wording btw >:D
 Now I'm a little mad.... supercoolio is not the only one that's made this... I've found it on many other sites.. maybe this wasn't completely his/her/robot idea?
I don't think supercoolio ever claimed it was her/his idea.
thing 2 lisagd2 years ago
^ WIN ^
I made one two years ago, and every winter I hang it in my front window. I turn it over because it does begin to sag. I made one and sent it to a friend. She loved it! Thanks for the great Instrucable.
Did this with kids in my class we decorated the whole room in an hour!
Great work!
adr9903 years ago
Once I was done, I saw it even had a bumpy effect, like it is sticking out, round, full 3d.

Really nice!! thank you so much.
adr9903 years ago
Wow that's really cool!

Thanks man, this christmas this will be hanging in the window! Great instructable!

Easy yet very effective.
PurpleKat3 years ago
I wanted to thank you for this Instructable. I stumbled on it last year at Christmas. My husband and I had just moved, and we didn't have the money to buy decorations for our house. I made a big snowflake out of printer paper for us to hang in the window surrounded by some old Christmas lights, and some really maddeningly difficult tiny ones for a garland. All for the cost of a few sheets of paper. :) I still have all of them, safely tucked away for bringing out next year.
star folder3 years ago
I was checking out another Instructables, and this was on the side bar. I just wanted to say that I made one this time last year, and it is still hanging in a window. It began to sag a bit, so last week I turned it upside down, and it looks like I just made it.
heat42123 years ago
Thanks for posting this! I saw this on a blog once as a great way to use junk mail, but there were no instructions. I was so excited I made two! I think it would be really cool if you mentioned the recycling potential for this craft. I used old Christmas card covers and mine came out really pretty and festive (I did have to use 7 though... maybe because they were smaller or more stiff). Thanks again!
mickey593 years ago
I have added extra cuts to this pattern of snow flake 3-D
I've only tried 6 cuts instead of 3,but if you are awesome and made 8 or 10 or 12,wow!Prettier too!love this craft and made these last year,then couldn't remember how and finally found them here.Thanks! They look awesome with a white paper chain,which you make from the piece you cut off to make the printer paper square!
sssychvz4 years ago
this is soo awsome! i made 1 and it turn out great! thanks now i kno how to make a 6 pointed snowflake!
roy19314 years ago
nice...i didn't c i made one..but its not origami..origami is: no cutting or taping/stapling/gluing. This is KIRIGAMI which is paper cutting, origami means paper folding. but did u leanr this.. i got a book of kirigami and it was in there
Miss Melody4 years ago
WOW!!!! THANKS!!!!
jadermichel4 years ago
Hey, very nice post....
here in Brazil don´t have, this is the only way to see a snowflake....

thank you...
supercoolio (author)  jadermichel4 years ago
 Glad that i could help!
Puddleducks4 years ago
 This is fab.... we made them... have several in our hall, took one into school and my kids - age 10 have taught their entire class - how cool is that! brillian design, simple instructions and a cheap but effective decoration that is a little different.

Your get a five star rating from us!
supercoolio (author)  Puddleducks4 years ago
 Thanks! I'm glad that they are becoming popular! :)
GlassDragon4 years ago
This is terrific! I'm going to try it on a smaller scale with foil paper - I think it will make terrific bows for the packages that can then be hung on the recepient's tree as an ornament.
kid cudi4 years ago
i dont really want to use that much paper its bad for the enviroment man!!!!
This is an awesome project!  As far as being greener - you made me think.  You could also make them out of the tons of colorful flyers that one gets from grocery stores or other places.  Depending on the amount of ink on the flyers - you could go for christmas colors, or winter, baby girl or boy room colors - a little print on the paper could make it even more interesting looking :)  when tired of it - shred and put in compost pile.  Happy holidays!
thank u im glad that people respect the enviroment man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well,,, you can use recycled paper  :D
mimshaffer4 years ago
These come out lovely using double sided wrapping paper.
streetcandi4 years ago
Going to make some with foiled paper.
gallimaufry4 years ago
Can't wait to have a go at this with the kids - excellent instructions.
cntrysigns4 years ago
 I make these with foam sheets so they are more sturdy. Then I decorate with a photo, rhinestones, glitter etc. :) Foamies brand foam from a craft store runs about .25-.59 depending on size and color pattern. 
Geewhizz4 years ago
I just read the instructions for this and made one of my own within about 20 minutes. It looks fabulous! My daughter, who is 9, loved it too and wanted to make a 'mini' one so we made one together. She now has it hanging in her room. Thank you so much. We thought next time we could try a bit of silver or gold spray paint to finish it off and give it a Christmasy air.
doerr4 years ago
That is totally cool. Instructions are very easy to follow. Thanks so much for the star!!!
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