Picture of Super cute birdhouse from used or broken tile
Birdhouses are not that difficult to make. However adding a touch of flare can be fun, creative and inexpensive.

This project utilized used( clean of grout) and mismatched tiles  as well as grout that were reclaimed from the Habitat For Humanity Store. Not only is it good for the environment that this material did not go to landfill, and I helped out a great organization fund housing projects for the less fortunate. Ideally, I would have preferred using reclaimed wood to make the birdhouse but time was not on my side. I opted for purchasing a cheap house from the dollar store. Future houses will be reclaimed.
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Step 1: Build or buy birdhouse

Picture of Build or buy birdhouse
I would have liked to build my own bird house out of reclaimed wood but I ran out of time. When i had gone to The Habitat For Humanity store they did not have any wood that was thin enough for my purpose and I did not have time to return another day. So, I opted for buying a cheap house from the dollar store and modify it to be habitat friendly.
blackweb1 year ago
Dont forget to have drainage so birds don't drown if rain gets in
ennyl265 (author)  blackweb1 year ago
Since the bottom flap is actually a door. The water cannot collect. It just drains through the cracks. However I thank you for bringing this to mention.
I love this! But just a word of advice to anyone who builds this... some birds have a toxic reaction to paint/primer when used inside bird houses. Make sure your paint is non toxic and completely dry before you hang the house!
ennyl265 (author)  emileepaige 1 year ago
I will add a comment to the instructable stating so. Thank you for the information.
ennyl265 (author)  emileepaige 1 year ago
I will add a comment to the instructable stating so. Thank you for the information.
Earthlove1 year ago
Love it! It's great that you added all of the steps to make sure birds will actually use it, and for more than one year. :)
ennyl265 (author)  Earthlove1 year ago
Thank you. I don't see the point in putting up a birdhouse if it's not going to be used over and over again. I hope I inspired a few people to follow suit :)
Kiteman1 year ago
Odd question, but, what did you put those multiple images with captions together with?
ennyl265 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
not odd at I won a computer program with the Dream it Draw it contest. It's called Sketchbook Pro 6. You can check out a free trial version here
Oh, cool, thanks.
ennyl265 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
your welcome :)