Introduction: Super Easy Chinese Braided Bun

this is super easy Chinese braided bun.. for that we just need chopsticks (or Pencils) and bobby pins

first comb your hair

then roughly divide your hairs into tow parts and do normal braids.

secure braids with rubber bands

Step 1:

now take a chopstick (you can use pencil instead of chopsticks) and put it in hairs as shown above the braids

now criss-cross two braids and bring them around the stick as shown and then tuck in the ends

secure ends with bobby pins

if you want you can stop here

Step 2:

you may add another chopstick, to make the hairstyle look more symmetrical. this is totally optional



Very pretty! I love hair chopsticks!


thanks dear :)

PinchOfChili (author)2014-07-19

beautiful! I have long hair and chopsticks, so I want to try this

prachilele (author)PinchOfChili2014-07-22

try it.. and post your pic :)