Picture of Super easy Galaxy Planetarium
 May be you have seen home planetarium but the one showing galaxy like are rare ( I haven't seen one yet myself). So I decided to make this super easy-dirt cheap galaxy planetarium. Head on and you will be having your own in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
 You will need:
1 Plastic Glass
Aluminium Foil
1 thin needle ( you can use anything which is pointed and has more thickness than the needle)
1 medium thickness nail
1 flashlight (mine was Blue LED based. I don't know whether ordinary bulb flashlight will work or not since for "Diffraction" and "Interference" to take place(on which my planetarium is based) you need a monochromatic light .Simply just use a LED flashlight.
Sticking Tape(optional)
joknrok3 years ago
Could be really cool if you print out a nice detailed diagram of constellations, then overlay the foil and use it as a template to make an accurate night sky.
Great results with this idea manish15.
RENUKA.NAVI4 years ago
its nice from india akash
manish15 (author)  RENUKA.NAVI4 years ago
To help with unwanted light caused by relfections inside the foil coated cup, you could paint the inside of the foil black with spray paint, might help clean up any non-stars on the ceiling.
manish15 (author)  mattthegamer4634 years ago
yes very helpful when you want to create precise constellations.Thanks.
lemonie5 years ago
Did you put any design or reproduction in this, or is the pattern creative / random?

manish15 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 Its totally random, you don't know what you will get! However you may try some pattern of your own by experimenting.