Introduction: Super Easy PEEL Off Face Mask!

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I promise you this is so easy and works amazingly! 

Step 1: Step One!

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So you need 2 packets of gelatine, thats what give you the ability to peel it off!  You also need some tea, I used like just a regular green tea.  You will also need to eggs, but we are only using the egg whites.  You will need either a lemon, (that would be better), or I used the juice because I didn't have one. 

Step 2: Eggs.

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So the first think I did was crack the eggs and separate the yoke from the whites.  I just threw them away, but do your thing with them! 

Step 3: Next Lemon.

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As you see I am lazy and dont use measurements.  I just poured until the bottom of the bowl was covered and a little more than that.  dont worry about it, but less is better you can always add more. KEEP EGGS SEPARATE FROM EVERYTHING ELSE TILL THE END! 

Step 4: GELATIN.

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Pour 2 packets into the lemon juice.  mix it up, you may have to microwave it, make its blended.

Step 5: TEA.

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Again, I was lazy, so I just poured like 1/3 of a cup into the bowl.

Step 6: EGGS

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Then pour in eggs and MIX.

Step 7: Put It on Your FACE!m

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I used my fingers, because again, I was lazy, but you can use anything you want, like for the other face mask I made, I used a paint brush because thats what worked the best with the consistency.  Just apply and leave on for about 20 to 30 min, nothing more or it will get SUPPER tight and you wont get a pull off effect.  (Silly me, one time i forgot i had it on, and my face was SOOOO dry and I had to get in the shower to wash it off....)  So yeah other than that, make sure that its a thick enough layer to be able to peel off.  Normally I apply one layer wait 5 min, then add another.  Sometimes I even add a third coat but thats up too you! GOOD LUCK! 


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