Super easy free adjustable Tablet-Stand from cd spindle

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So I love to use my tablet for nearly all basic internet browsing; email, facebook, reddit, skype etc. But one thing that's constantly annoyed me, is that when I watch a (youtube) video, I have to keep holding the tablet steadily in front of me with one hand. This gets tiresome so I wanted to have some sort of stand. 

Looking around on the internet, there are a lot of different types stands available, but they're quite expensive, yet very simple. So why not make one myself?

Being lazy enough not to want to leave the house, I looked on Instructable for inspiration. While most of them were easy enough to make from scrap parts, they nearly all shared a common weak-spot: they are not adjustable. As the screen is so reflective, its important to be able to aim it to somewhere with the least amount of obtrusive reflections.

My method uses a standard cd-spindle with six simple slots cut into the edge. As the spindle is barely damaged by this, you could even start using it as a cd-spindle again if needed. The contraption is perfectly stable for me, and as its made out of soft plastic, there is no danger of damaging your device. The only downside I have found is its appearance; however you look at it, it remains just a spindle supporting your tablet. If you want you could decorate it to be a bit more fancy, but I'm quite happy using this bare 'McGuyvered' solution.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
There are not many Instructables with fewer materials:
  • Spindle from writable CDs/DVDs, size doesn't mattter
  • Box cutter or precision knive

If you don't have a spindle yourself, your dj or movie-loving friend will have one.

Step 2: The first cut

Picture of The first cut
Just pick any place on the little upstanding part on the edge of the spindle and make a vertical incision. Now cut a shape like this \__|  just a bit wider than the thickness of your tablet. 

The vertical edge will be supporting your tablet, while the diagonal will allow easy placement.

Step 3: More cuts

Picture of More cuts
Now make two more of these cuts, each one wide than the last. This to account for circular shape of the spindle.

Step 4: Mirror the cuts

Picture of Mirror the cuts
put your tablet with one side in the first hole you cut and put it vertically against the spindle rod. Now mark the place to cut on the other side and basically mirror the same cuts you made before. The end result should look like the image. The margin of error is quite small; if you've made a mistake, you can just use another slot.

Step 5: Done!

Picture of Done!
Congratulations! You have a free adjustable tablet stand which is scratch-save and allows for at least six different angles.

Oh, and yes, there is a stain on my screen because I accidentally sat on it :( But thanks to joshatron9695, I finally removed the stain by using a suction cup. Awesome! Check out the details here.
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codegusto1 year ago
Works great and easy to make!
13, 1:32 PM.jpg
Raphango1 year ago
wonderful and cheap idea man! Favorited!

avelosoi1 year ago
Work Great!!!
stubbsonic1 year ago
This is SUPER-clever. I've always wished there was something that could be done with that base. Thanks for sharing.
ArvidJense (author)  stubbsonic1 year ago
Hah, hope you enjoy this thing as much as I do.
Great idea! Here is something I posted that you can make with them too: http://www.instructables.com/id/Headphone-Hanger-From-CDDVD-Holder/
ktml1324 days ago


That's super clever! Here's a thought for further simplification: make only three cuts all around the spindle with different spacing between each. Here, the cuts should be symmetrical with no bevel (the back edge of the slot doesn't matter anyway, only the front edge of the tablet needs stoppers ).
jinfante1 year ago

muy bueno, lo acabe de ahcer simplemente exelente.


DragonDon1 year ago
This is much better than my paper cup idea! Love it!
Capitalist1 year ago
Voted. This is so simple yet so practical!
Shela1 year ago
This is very smart, I like it.
evacooper1 year ago
this is great! voted for and pinned!
park471 year ago
Thanks,this pefectly match my Nexus7 both Horizontal.+Vertical without doing anything.
Love it! Anything that recycles plastic and is so useful is a keeper in my book! I've got my iPad mini on my new stand right now. Awesome!
Great idea, I have been looking for tablet holder for the same reason. I got one that works like a clothes pin.But I need it carry it with me to work and back. Once I make this, I can leave the other at work and this one at home. Love recycling and is something I would never thought of. Thanks for the idea, going to make one today.

Yes it is simple, but no one would have thought of it. You got my vote.
prakis1 year ago
Clever & Cheap idea. I like to call this Best Supporting Technology Innovation Award after ipad invention :)
sangmei1 year ago
pmann11 year ago
Like you, I was dismayed to find out that pad stands were so expensive. I'm so glad that you managed to find a nearly-free item that can be converted so easily. Normally, I'd throw the spindle away, so it's nice and environmentally sound to be repurposing it in this way. Excellent work, Arvid!
Would this also work with a blu-ray spindle?
Just kidding :) great idea!
simpleguy1 year ago
been looking for simple tablet stand. thanks for the idea
fherrmann1 year ago
works perfect. thanks for this great idea.
julievojo1 year ago
Smart! And very timely, I need a stand for our tablet. Thanks!
vanexel1 year ago
Fantastic, i will do during the next weekend !!!!!
works like a charm. fast and easy.
pucheta1 year ago
Excellent idea!!
sarawelder1 year ago
I love to reuse those bases... now I have another idea. For me the best hacks are the simplest and reusing plastic is number 1!
grandioso, un muy fácil, útil y barato instructable, gracias, tienes la medalla de oro
great.... a very easy, useful and cheap instructable, thanks, you got the gold medal
Astoundingly simple, but brilliant!!
eielofview1 year ago
I would do two more things I would put rubber bumper feet on the bottom (the small stick on kind) and I would surgu the tops of the spindle where the device touches and the cutouts to keep things from sliding and reduce wear. Though that would raise the cost quite a bit. Thanks this an awesome instructable!
Also seriously good suggestions.
nwlaurie1 year ago
Brilliant! And totally adhering to the KISS principle.
I voted.
Creative reuse
Lorax981 year ago
F'n' Genius!
AT1 year ago
Love it! Simple, easy, cheap, useful. I just killed off a 100 DVD spindle and wasn't sure what to do with it. I will see if it can be converted into a stand for my iPad!
jnancy1 year ago
Best idea thank ever!
Ah another use. I use them for keeping loo roll in while camping!
gomibakou1 year ago
Simply great.
doctorkred1 year ago
Fácil y con cosas que hay en casa, esos son los instructables que me gustan.
Easy and things in house, those are the Instructables that I like.
darman121 year ago
Awesome idea! If I hadn't already bought a case for my iPad mini, I would totally make this. I even have a CD spindle lying around. Good thinking with the cut shape and widening the cut as you go :)
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