Super Easy Ipod Projector!!!!


Introduction: Super Easy Ipod Projector!!!!

 A fun instructable that you enjoy having.

Step 1: Materials

 -Small magnifying glass (clean)
 -oatmeal box
 -small mirror
 - optional: metal tape, sharpie, Tv show on IPod.

Step 2: Cut Holes!

 Cut the top hole in proportion to your IPod.
The front hole is a tiny bit bigger than it is in the image, it lets the light from the mirror out.

Step 3: Place Materials

 Line up the mirror in the back and tape it down, you should be able to see a perfectly upside image in the mirror.
Now put the glass in front of the mirror and move it back and forth until you reach the desired focus.

Step 4: Setup

 Get in a very dark room for better results, turn the brightness on your ipod all the way up.

Step 5: Watch!!!

 I'm watching family guy.
Also, plug in your headphones so you can hear.
Have fun!



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    This instructable was awesome! It was the final element i needed to make a home theatre with an iPod

    It is not well made check out mine I have two that don't require mirrors and shoot 4ft by 4ft

    That's so cool but could u maybe make a video for this?

    Heyy what is the approx. diameter of the lens and mirror???

    hey guys, is there any one who tried to make this projector ?
    4 those of u who did, what is the certain space that i have to measure between the mirror and the lens ? and what's the right degree of the mirror ? i read that it must be 45* to get a good viewing angle and clear images
    however,good job 4 all of u who did it and worked, hope u answer me fast so i can make one 4 myself too :)

    turn the backlight wayyyyy up and make the room as dark as possible

    probly be fun to put porn or have free movies for everyone at the park. just that thers no walls in the park. :(

    2 replies

    WTF, where the #3|| where did the porn idea come from?

    that would be cool to plug in a speaker and a charger at home plus does this even project?

    1 reply

    Yes if its dark and u focus it well it actually projects very well. :D

     yeah i'm sure it would work great if it has a really bright screen. the brighter it is the better image quality.

    really easy .... can u make a video of it??