This is a simple gun and knife rack that I made to hold my gun and knives. All I did to make this was screw a board to the wall so that it hit the studs , then I put hooks in to hold the gun and finishing nails in to hold the knives. The hooks go on the handhold on the stock and the middle of the barrel the nails go in the different holes in the knife handles. The sheath for my fixed blade knife simply hooks over the front sight of my gun. The caution sign was made by cutting out a piece from a roll of sticky caution tape and sticking it below the gun then I made an arrow from electrical tape. Thanks for reading! Comments are welcome!!  (P.S You have to zoom in for some of the descriptions.)
is that a Vantage 1200?
camping crazy (author)  instructiboy2 years ago
The gun is the crossman quest 500x it shoots around 600x though very good gun!!!
camping crazy (author) 2 years ago
please vote everyone this is my first contest entry!!!!!