Super Easy Led Lamp





Introduction: Super Easy Led Lamp

A Led lamp that you can make in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Supplies


9 volt battery snap

9 volt battery

3 colored LEDs (I used blue)

1 glass jar


tape (clear is best)

Step 2: Step 1

Solder the leds together in series (the positive lead connected to a negative on a different LED and so on). Next solder the ends of the LEDs to the ends of the battery snap (make sure you put negative with negative etc.)(the red wire is positive). Then just tape the leds to the battery (point the LEDs different ways so they spread the light better) it should then look like this.

Step 3: Step 2

line the inside of the jar with paper to help diffuse the light (you can also attack the LEDs with sandpaper) (supposedly that works) it should then look something like this.

Step 4: Step 4

snap the Leds to the battery sit the whole bundle in the middle of the jar, sit back and bask in the awesome glowing light.



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"You must be putting way too many volts through your LEDs if your getting hot leds."

The question is:

"What does hot mean?!"

Hot enough to start a fire!

3.7V can already heat up a LED, but I guess this is what you call "warm"!

Adding the proper resistor will lengthen the life of the LED. Just FYI

Its very nicely but its not dangerous the paper in there with the heat from the leds?

If your getting enough heat from your LEDs to do anything at all, then you have bigger problems than that. You must be putting way too many volts through your LEDs if your getting hot leds.

yeah i know but i like to thinking all of those things coz happening bad things some times from china leds -.- :D

Something else that may work instead of lining it with paper or scratching the LED's is using frosting spray paint. On a similar project (Sun Jars...

i'm looking to do something similar. would anyone happen to know how to also connect a type of switch to the battery to turn the light off and on?

IT would be best to get a toggle switch from radioshack or somewhere.
Clip one of the leads from the battery in the middle, run one end into a lead on the switch, solder it there, and do the same with the other end. When your at radishack ask one of the guys there, they can usually help.

Hmmm sounds like what I need....until I have improvised a little with no wiring at all. :)