First of all, sorry for not having any better photos. Oh well!

This skirt is one of my favourites to make! It requires very little sewing skills, if you know the basic on how to handle a sewing machine you should be fine. It also goes really quick to make it (it takes me about an hour if the sewing machine is working with me, which it never does) and also, you can make it in so many different ways! i have two different ones showing here and the next pictures will be of the long zebra one, but they are both made in the same way.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Materials Time!

First thing you wanna do is gather up your material, the basics of what you'll need is:

- A piece of fabric that you like, length could be whatever you like but it should wrap about one and a half time around your waist
-A thicker piece of elastic band

-A sewing machine
-Pin needles

Alternative is something to decorate your skirt with. In the first picture I put on the lace at the bottom. I would also like to try to make one with buttons. Really whatever you feel like you want to have on it. 
<p>So cute! What a great method to make skirts!</p>

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