Introduction: Super Easy to Make Portable Speakers for Mp3/ipod

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I didn't want to fork out loads of money on portable speakers.
So I didn't
And made some.
These are powered by a battery.
They are incredibly easy to make I'm 14 I did it!
As ever I am not responsible if it doesn't work or goes wrong.
Try it at your own risk.

This is easy because the speakers already have and amplifier and controls built in. They are very loud and very clear.
These cost me about £2 (50p for the speakers and £1.50 for the battery) I had a spare connector lying around.

What you need

Some computer speakers powered by the main. ( I found mine at a car boot sale for 50p!!!!!!!!!!!)
Electrical insulation tape or you could solder
A 9volt battery
A 9volt battery connector.
What ever casing/box you want to put it in.

Step 1: Getting Started

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Remove all the casing from around the computer speakers Do not cut any cables.
Find the pack that converts the voltage from mains (240) to 12 or whatever the circuit runs at.
cut the cable running between the pack and the circuit board.

Step 2: Adding the Battery Connector

Picture of Adding the Battery Connector

Where the cables came off the converter simply connect them onto the battery connector. Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative. You could solder but I just wrapped them around and then put he tape over the top.

The yellow wire with the black tape on is not in use

Step 3: How Easy Was That

Picture of How Easy Was That

Add the battery on turn it on and plug in your mp3 player.

And create whatever case you want for it.
Mine is yet to have a case because I'm not sure if I want to connect all 4 speakers. Because then it wouldn't be too portable.


Any queries get in touch I will try to assist.

Any suggestion get in touch

Good luck

With 2 tweeters and 2 woofers it can be very loud!! : )


Anand Kachale (author)2015-12-05

hey i have a speaker but it does not have any amplifier circuit to control it. Can i take it from a 4.1 home theater sub-woofer??

Anand Kachale (author)2015-12-05

hey i have a speaker but it does not have any amplifier circuit to control it. Can i take it from a 4.1 home theater sub-woofer??

Aron Rc RC (author)2015-08-27

!!!!!!!It is a awsome speaker dude!!!!!!!!

MUSIC650 (author)2011-09-10

hi i have a 50 watt speakers and the input is 120v and output 9v hope you can help!

hsarode1 (author)2011-08-07

Hey i need your assistance can i measure the output voltage bu just taking a multimeter and putting the cords at the place where the speaker is connected will i get the correct voltage

mattyuke (author)hsarode12011-08-14

(Sorry I was a bit Slow)
I wouldn't think so because the voltage will fluctuate as that is what makes the speakers vibrate at different frequencies, and you wouldn't get a clear reading.
Why do you want to measure the output voltage of the audio output?


blizard.wizard (author)2009-07-11

I was wondering if I could use a 9v battery on the speakers im using, The transformer reads, "120V:6V~0.2A" do i have too hook up a 6V battery or will the 9V work fine?

Mirc_El (author)blizard.wizard2010-12-14

I'm sure this is kind of old. But for you if you still need this, and for others: don't rely on what is written on the transformer!
Find the biggest capacitor on the board (that's the main filter) and measure the voltage there while it's running. The voltage is different from the transformer output (usually higher) because the alternative current is converted to DC. Don't short any contacts on the board while doing it! That should be the operating voltage. You should solder the battery contacts to that capacitor. Be aware of the polarity! Usually the capacitor has a black stripe (a minus) on the negative side. The transformer on my speakers said 9V output (in reality it gave 10 volts, but under no load). The main filter capacitor voltage was 14V! Though, it should be around 12V under load. (chinese speakers with too small components for it's output).

mattyuke (author)Mirc_El2010-12-14

Cheers that was a really useful comment. Even thought i'm not sure it does it any harm to run under power i'll make sure I try that next time.


mattyuke (author)blizard.wizard2009-07-12

The Transformer on the amp I used was 12v but I used a 9v battery it works fine under powered but I'm not sure what would happen if it was over powered. You could always use 4xAA batteries. Are you living in America?? If you are then the voltage from a plug socket will be different from mine as I live in Britain. Maybe that is why it transforms it to a lower voltage. You could either: Use 4xAA batteries Try the 9v ( it may not work and may damage the circuit) But I can't see why it shouldn't work Buy a 6v regulator and connect it to the circuit Get a 6v rechargable battery. Hope this helps. Please write again if it works Thanks Matt

paintsniper (author)2009-09-14

hey im 13 and hell into electronics downt the bottom on the comments how u sujested how to add more speakers i would watch out with your polarity wen conecting the 4th speaker if there double pol ur ok if not u could have a "SHOKING PROBLEM ON UR HANDS" p.s iv made robots, flashing lights battle bots, ipod speakers gun silencers lrd chasers and heaps more and remember that if u solder to a printed circuit board u can disterb the doubled side thus recking the solderside from conection altho ur doing ok goodluck dont kill urself

skywalker619 (author)paintsniper2010-09-25

hey if u hav made all that y dun u post it on instructables!!

mattyuke (author)paintsniper2009-09-15

KK Thanks

lawrenzium (author)2009-08-25

i need help... when i change the power source, the sound is awful...

mattyuke (author)lawrenzium2009-08-29

If you could send some photos I could help but at the moment i don't really know. I had a problem but that was because the battery was run down so maybe try and change the battery Is the battery full Is it shorting on anything Is the jack to the mp3 clean Thanks Matt

lawrenzium (author)mattyuke2009-08-29

the battery is full, the sound is great when the volume is at maximum, but when I try to lower the volume, I can't understand the sound... there should be no problem in the speaker because it is new... pls help me...

mattyuke (author)lawrenzium2009-08-29

Does the noise only appear when changing the volume? Can you hear any music at all?

lawrenzium (author)mattyuke2009-08-29

yup there's always music but when I always try to lower the volume the sound awful... but when the volume is at maximum the sound is good.

mattyuke (author)lawrenzium2009-08-29

If you could add some photos that would be veery helpful. Did you buy the stuff new? If it is old it could be that the surfaces on the volume switch may have marks on them. Its strange because usualy when you turn up the volume the sound becomes more destorted not the other way round. It could be that the speaker is under powered when turned down but i've never had any problems with that. I think it is probably the switch that controls the volume. If the sound is up on the speakers turn it down on your mp3 that may make the loudness how you want it. Hope that helps

mattyuke (author)2009-06-26
frebib (author)2009-06-01

this is a great indestructable!
it is a very good idea to use old speakers!
i have made a crackerbox amp {make magazine vol.9 }
if you are wondering where to get dead cheap electronics in the UK then visit the delivery is just £2.00
i made my own amp for only 7 quid inc. delivery!

mattyuke (author)frebib2009-06-02

cool this has a built in amp but ill bear that in mind in future

frebib (author)2009-06-01

by the way, i am also 14 just to let you know.

Larry2009 (author)2009-05-31

Thanks a lot for your advice you have been a great help!!!

mattyuke (author)Larry20092009-06-01

Thats alright any other queries feel free

Larry2009 (author)2009-05-21

Hi I have made a portalbe spreaker set using your guide and they are great, but if i wanted to add a third and fourth speaker as you have said you might how would i go about it? Thanks Larry

mattyuke (author)Larry20092009-05-21

You could attach the speaker cables on to the board but that would probably require soldering. You could cut the wires to the attached speaker add in the cables from the other speakers and then reconnect them all. The last option is to solder the wires on to the speaker where the other cables attach. Hope this helps if you have anymore queries contact me. Thanks for the positive responce

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