Super Easy Water Bottle Water Gun!




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Introduction: Super Easy Water Bottle Water Gun!

About: my name is Adam!

a super easy water gun you can make out of a water bottle in about ten seconds

Step 1: Supplies

there are not many supplies you need for this project. just a waterbottle and a wine botle opener or just something pointy

Step 2: Hole

use the bottle opener to make a hole in the very middle of the cap

Step 3: Fill and Shoot!

Fill the water bottle then just squeeze it to shoot!



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    The easiest water gun ever in existence. When at school me and my friends ran out of water in the water refilled, one of my friends would just poke a hole in a bottle and just squirt it to my mouth. If i didn't think of this my friend would be terribly sick.

    nice backyard, bro! Where do you live? europe?

    It looks like your peeing like a hobo in someones yard "" ]

    I like the idea i didn't even think of that. The bottle i was gonna use was a pump the i realized i just need to pop up the cap

    I usually use a pen. It's more obtainable in any situation. ;] too...COMPLEX! It hurts my miiiiiind!

    wait a minute wait a minute.. so you poke a hole in what? how am i supposed to poke a hole in a bottle? this is physically impossible.

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    You poke a hole in the bottle cap.

    I was wondering, since i'm having a water fight, how do you cap it up so water doesn't come out if you put it under little amounts of pressure?

    its cooler if u use a 2 liter bottle it holds more water and sometimes shots father

    i did for like 5 years to squirt water into my mouth

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    ya me to i did that at my school for football cuz my couch dos not want us sharing water so i did this so we would not have to put our mouths on the bottle

    you could make a smaller hole which would make more pressure to make it more powerful

    So simple! Nice! I'm so dumb that I even haven't thought of that!

    this is really simple but cool...used to play with them a few years ago... if you blow into them,with the bottle upside down(water to the cap),and immidiately shoot would get a lot more force

    i squirted it at my girlfrend and she took out a realwater gun and shot it at me.We were both laughing.