Picture of Super easy water bottle water gun!
a super easy water gun you can make out of a water bottle in about ten seconds

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
there are not many supplies you need for this project. just a waterbottle and a wine botle opener or just something pointy
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nice backyard, bro! Where do you live? europe?
It looks like your peeing like a hobo in someones yard "" ]
i guess it does work
Blakesta984 years ago
I like the idea i didn't even think of that. The bottle i was gonna use was a pump the i realized i just need to pop up the cap
TheAquabats5 years ago
I usually use a pen. It's more obtainable in any situation. ;]
idy265 years ago
 This...is too...COMPLEX! It hurts my miiiiiind!
wait a minute wait a minute.. so you poke a hole in what? how am i supposed to poke a hole in a bottle? this is physically impossible.
You poke a hole in the bottle cap.
aljabra6 years ago
I was wondering, since i'm having a water fight, how do you cap it up so water doesn't come out if you put it under little amounts of pressure?
works496 years ago
its cooler if u use a 2 liter bottle it holds more water and sometimes shots father
dombeef6 years ago
i did for like 5 years to squirt water into my mouth
yowars dombeef6 years ago
ya me to i did that at my school for football cuz my couch dos not want us sharing water so i did this so we would not have to put our mouths on the bottle
dombeef yowars6 years ago
Yeah cool!
sharlston6 years ago
you could make a smaller hole which would make more pressure to make it more powerful
So simple! Nice! I'm so dumb that I even haven't thought of that!
csmiler7 years ago
this is really simple but cool...used to play with them a few years ago... if you blow into them,with the bottle upside down(water to the cap),and immidiately shoot ...you would get a lot more force
i squirted it at my girlfrend and she took out a realwater gun and shot it at me.We were both laughing.
lakeguido109 years ago
wat happens wen the water level gets too low?
admanrocks (author)  ElectrodeMike8 years ago
everybody's being really mean withcomments on this
im not being mean to you its just that question about filling it up
then when you squeeze it, air comes out instead of water. refill it. if your complaining about a "real" squirtgun, then go look at my instructable on how to make one out of a disposable fire extinguisher, its mroe than a real one lol, hold way mroe water and shoots way farther.
admanrocks (author)  lakeguido109 years ago
fill up the bottle...
lol, simple, you could even make different patterns on the caps and make them changable, like make a whole bunch of little tiny holes to make a shotgun style pattern, and use another one which is a small hole in the center, stuff like that, lol
brilliant. I'll make one right now lol
karen6088 years ago
this would be a 'cheap toy' when grandkids come to visit, then throw away after the visit. Of course an outside toy, i hope!
schmidtty8 years ago
whoopededoo, a water gun how very exciting. Now, this is intelligence in its purest form.
is this supposed to be sarcasm? if it is, um... it doesn't work very well in unspoken form... if its not sorry
admanrocks (author)  wingman2468 years ago
i think it's supposed to be
admanrocks (author)  schmidtty8 years ago
thank you
Why is everyone so mean, This is an effective simple Gun, espeacialy if you have a 8 year old Brother and dont like to get in trouble
or you could get a squirt bottle... same concept?
kinda, only this one recycles used waterbottles whare otherwise, they would have just been trashed
serp9 years ago
i hope you kidding
admanrocks (author)  serp8 years ago
i guess he didnt think its worthy of its own article, like the "how to operate a water faucet" article. i saw these at the fair, and i used a push pin to make it, i find you get different patterns if you swirl the pushpin around the hole to bend the plastic, you get a steadier beam, and if you do it from the inside, it gets even more steady. lol, try multiple holes!
there is another way without water and is much more fun because it hurts alot more... all you do is empty the bottle, close the cap and twist the whole bottle until you can feel your fingers then twist off the cap and it will go flying like 20 feet and if you hit someone close range it will bruise them :) have fun if you want me to do a instructable on it plz aks me
admanrocks (author)  SunShine.11118 years ago
ya i know how to do that too
brazilian8 years ago
It works with all trademark of water?
XxyangxX8 years ago
Jus fill a waterbottle to it max...place it on the floor...stand on one leg above the bottle...kick open the bottle cap n watch the cap fly...if cant try unscrew it a little..
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