Super Easy Way to Make a Super Cool Leaf Bookmark





Introduction: Super Easy Way to Make a Super Cool Leaf Bookmark

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       Many people like reading books. Do you want to make a fantastic leaf bookmark to match your book? I do! Let me show you how.
 You'll need:
         1. Some leaves
         2. A little brush
         3.Some water and a pot
        4. A thick tape
Are you ready? Let's get started.
      First, put the leaves in pot. Pure water in the pot. Boil the leaves but not too long. When the leave's lolor had just changed a little. Turn out the fire quickly.
     Then, take the leaves out. Put it in cool water for five minuets. Take out the brush. bush the leaf untill all the leaf part came off.Dry it.
     When te leaves are can color it. You can also Add some little flowers in. Then. Use a thick tape to cover the leaf.
  It will protect it .. cut the tape so it shaped exactly like the leaf.
 Now. we are finished! Enjoy your book!



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