Introduction: Super-easy Way to Personalize a Bic Pen

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I really like bic pens, they are thin and good for my thin fingers. Plus, they are inexpensive, so they are the only pens when can afford to buy at school. But they are not very personal. I frequently lose them all around the school, so I found a very very simple way to personalize them.

A bic pen (or a pen with transparent body)
paper (I've usedsticky label)
optional: laser printer; pliers

Step 1: Open the Pen

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With pliers or scissor, disassamble the pen, just pulling out the refill pulling the point. Pay attenction not to break the pen!

Some pens (not Bic) have a screw, so it's simpler to open them.

Print/write your name or some drawing, you can also use same gift wrap paper... free your fantasy.

Cut it and put it around the refill. This is why I've used sticky label ;)

Step 2: Close the Pen

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Close the pen. Finished! :) Very simple, isn't it?


nintenbro64 (author)2014-08-02

I like how you think

MicioGatta (author)nintenbro642014-08-02

Thank you very much! >^.^<

mistyp (author)2012-03-13

Nice idea!

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