Introduction: Super Easy Ways of Hiding Place for Money or Important Documents

This will be a good idea to hide money or important documents

Step 1: Choose Any Jar

Step 2: Put in Any Important Things

Pun in any important things for example money,documents,goods etc.

Step 3: First Way

Step 4:

Remove the lid

Step 5: Set Your Jar​

Set your jar

Step 6: Second Way

Your computer processor is lot of space inside .Then you can hiding any things ;)

Step 7: ​Open the Processor

Open the processor .You looked to much space :)

Step 8: Set Your Jar in Processor

Then set your jar in processor

Step 9: Done

Nobody don't know your hiding places. ;)

Step 10:


seamster made it!(author)2015-06-11

Great ideas! I like the idea to use the toilet tank as a hiding place. Very clever!

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