Mutilate a $30.00 piece of machinery!!!!!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Disassembly

There are 8 screws total in the back. In all the holes plus one in the center of the battery compartment
that kinda looks terrible
i have an idea, just add a piece of velcro to an existing belt buckle, and glue another piece of velcro to the wireless game controller of your choice, and you have a belt buckle that also functions as a game controller the next time you need one (e.g when you want to play a 2 player game at your friend's house and they have only one controller)
Yes it is. It's a Logitech PS2 wireless controller
Then it's a logitech belt buckle really as it was not made by Sony
it was lincensed by sony the playstation logo is between the analog sticks p.s. does it really matter?
That's not a playstation controller

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